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Archive for May 2nd, 2006

A Journey: New York, Part 1

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

LynnHIt was time for a dream come true. We were going to New York City to perform music at New York Ukefest. (We already have performed three times at Midwest Ukefest in Indianapolis, which is not affiliated but which attracts many of the same attendees. This was the first New York event.)

I was thrilled… I love singing on stage. New York is the ultimate spot for a live stage, at least in my mind. Brian is more mellow than me but I think I can safely say he was looking forward to this trip as well.

Of course, I can never start a trip without running in a few circles the day or two before the trip. I was up packing until wee hours of the morning. We got up pretty early (considering I set my alarm clock for PM rather than AM) and we got on our way. I forgot a few sweaters and a skirt I’d planned to wear off-stage, Brian forgot one thing he could buy in NYC easily, and so it went fairly well.

We drove about 2-3 hours and stopped in Monroe, Michigan (just north of Toledo, Ohio), for a rest room and beverage break at about 10:30am. We parked the car in the Wendy’s parking lot and were not in there very long. When we got back out to the car it sounded like it was going to explode! At first it sounded like an exhaust pipe had fallen off (I’d had the car looked over before the trip with a long journey in mind, so that was unlikely). Then we realized it was not firing all four cylinders.

A truck driver in the parking lot told us which way to go to get into downtown Monroe. We putted along as gently as we could and found a woman walking on the sidewalk, on her way to pick up her son from school. She picked him up and then led us to a shop. They were kind but said they could not work on a foreign car (I drive a VW New Beetle). They told us how to find the only independent foreign car shop in town. We putted again, at about 20 mph, slowly to the shop.

When we got to the shop, the owner said he was really booked solid that day, could not get to us till late afternoon at best. We let him know we were from out of town and just passing through on a long trip. Bless his heart, he adjusted his schedule and worked on the car.

LynnHIt turned out that a spark plug had come loose and nearly fallen out, and another one was ready to go. Ack! Fortunately he was able to fix it for significantly less money than I expected, and three hours later we were back on the road, no worse for wear. Whew! You can be sure we gave that guy a CD in thanks. I hope he likes our music. If we’re not his cup o’tea I’m sure he’ll know someone who will enjoy it.

So in the end we got to NYC around midnight on Thursday. We pulled by the theater just in case we’d see some folks we knew. Darned if we didn’t see friends on the sidewalk and a parking spot on the next block! We ran down to chat for a while before we checked into the hotel and then found a parking garage.

For the record, we stayed at Hotel 17. It’s on 17th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. It was very pretty, clean, friendly, nice. It was significantly less expensive than most other hotels in New York. There is beautiful wood molding around old fashioned tall doors.

There were about 8 rooms in our hall sharing two restrooms, but each room also has its own sink and mirror. It worked out great. I never had to wait for a bathroom once in the four days we were there. I’d definitely stay there again… and the other Ukefest people who stayed there said the same.

Photos: 1) Me waiting at the car repair spot, with laptop and multiple knitting bags. 2) Me going down 1st Avenue from theatre toward 6th Street (where much good food can be found).

Susan Luks in the News!

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

My friend, Susan Luks, has made it into the news! City Pulse wrote a wonderful article about her. Please check it out.

Flickr Photos of Ukefest

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

Brian just set up a Flickr photo spot for us, and loaded nine photos from our New York experience. Come visit at:


For knitters, the last photo is a close enough shot for you to get a peek at my wrap. It is scribble lace, inspired by Debbie New’s book “Unexpected Knitting.”


Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

We’re home. New York was wonderful. More soon…