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Archive for May 5th, 2006

Links/Clarification from Gerald Ross & Brian

Friday, May 5th, 2006

I’m so lucky… I write with uncertainty and folks fill me in with proper information. Thanks, all!

Gerald Ross writes:

The guy on your website with the stick bass is known as Kona Bob – from the big island of Hawaii.

Brian (Hefferan) writes:

The artisit for the My Blue Heaven Uke is Greg Dearth.

Here’s a link about his portraits:

Here’s one about him:

Joel has nice pictures of my new uke at:

Kona Bob’s web site is http://www.konaweb.com/stick/

Thanks for filling me in, guys!

Part 3 is Yet to Come (Steppin’ In It at Creole)

Friday, May 5th, 2006

Ukulele fans, I did not forget you. My PhotoShop keeps crashing when I try to save my web photos. I need to un-install it and re-install before I can give you the rest of the New York story.

Today I spent all my computer time putting together a snailmail postcard mailing with our upcoming performances. We will be opening for Steppin’ in It at the Creole Gallery on this Saturday, May 6, at 8pm.

I originally wanted to send the mailing before New York but time just got away from me, never mind a few printer hiccups which added to the delay. Therefore, time was of the essence today and the mailing came first before photos.

Local folks: Do consider coming to see the concert Saturday. Everything at the Creole Gallery is top-notch, they are a first class venue which often draws nationally-known names.

Steppin’ in It is just the hottest young band, my fave local dance-to-the-music band by far. The guys are just wonderful people as well as great full-time musicians… and they asked us to open for them. I’m honored and very excited.

I would have gone to their concert anyway… and now I’m part of the show. Lucky me!!! Please consider joining us…

Photos from Pat LaFleur

Friday, May 5th, 2006

LynnH at NYUkefest by Pat LaFleurPat LaFleur took a couple of very nice photos at Ukefest. She sent one shot of Brian and one of Me, from Saturday. We were dressed in our stage costumes since we played three short sets during the afternoon.

First Shot: Me with my caffeine (tea) in hand. I’m a bit of a tea addict, and there were so many places I could go to get good tea within a few blocks of the theater!

For the knitters reading this, I’m wearing a ColorJoy stole I knit for myself years ago, from several brushed mohair yarns and a couple of novelty yarns. This stole usually “lives” at Little Red Schoolhouse (to sell patterns and classes) but I take it back temporarily when I have special stage events.

Brian Hefferan at NYUkefest by Pat LaFleurSecond Shot: Brian playing his Blue Heaven ukulele, built by Joel Eckhaus of Portland, Maine… and hand-painted by an artist Joel knows. You should SEE the back of this uke… a man in a suit with suitcase/bag, walking down a path of clouds (rather than stepping stones) toward a cute little house with a woman’s shape visible through the door. The rendering of the man in suit is particularly fabulous, and the clouds are like a garden but blue. Very lovely. And of course it sounds great, as well.

Hang tight if these photos take a bit to load… my PhotoShop keeps crashing so I had to put up photos in their original sizes (though they are showing as half size, they take full-time to load).