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Archive for May 6th, 2006

Fun in the City: New York, Part 3

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

NYUkefestThanks for waiting on me to provide more photos of New York Ukefest (there are more to follow these, so don’t go away just yet)…

NYUkefestSaturday on the way to the theatre, Brian suggested I go in to Knit New York and at least look around. He stayed outside on a bench (playing ukulele) while I ran in.

This was an odd thing… normally a shop visit requires much touching and looking and dreaming and scheming. This trip I needed to go in, let the yarn call to me from shelves, and pick the loudest caller. As quickly as possible.

NYUkefestI chose some wonderful slowly-self-striping yarn from Gedifra in my favorite spring colors. Turquoise and spring green! Every year between February and April or so, I get stuck on this color combination. It’s as if I’m trying to knit spring into existance! This yarn is a delight. I’m not sure what I’ll make of it yet. I’m wondering about legwarmers, since I realize I have one more ball of this somewhere in the piles o’wool at this house. Or maybe a wooly Bloom Shawl? Or some other wrap I haven’t invented yet?

NYUkefestFor the record, I did knit (turquoise legwarmers) while I was backstage all 3 days. I finished those legwarmers this week (Thursday) after returning home, and am wearing them as I type this. I love having a knitted souvenir of the trip.

NYUkefestBut you folks reading this who are music lovers and not knitters, are waiting for photos. Right? Brian and I did the Vaudeville Review again on Saturday, three ten-minute sets (I wore the ColorJoy stole/sequined dress Pat L. photographed me in, from yesterday’s post). After the last show we got to change into comfy clothes…

NYUkefestAnd then we were able to go find something for dinner. We were two blocks from a strip of Indian restaurants, so Brian and I headed that way. At the corner we ran into friends we have met at previous Ukefests in other locations… and we ended up with a table for six or so. Fun! And the food? Wonderful. Really, really good.

And then Saturday’s concert. The camera again limited me, as the battery started to expire. However, I got some nice shots in spite of it. Again, my memory is a little weak but I’m using the program to help me remember what was when. The acts were (in order, I believe):

Mr. George Sunshine
Brittni Paiva
Jim (& Liz) Beloff
Boulder Acoustic Society
James Hill
Folk Uke

Maybe you are tired of my overflowing enthusiasm by now, for my fellow ukulele-act performers. Maybe you think that because I use big, emotional words to describe these musicians, that I am just someone who blows things up beyond reality. Let me assure you, these folks are SO fine! SO entertaining! SO musical!

When we are not in the show, we can just sit there and let it all flow over us and soak it all up! Each person has a different style, even if their niche is the same. Two Hawaiian musicians will not be the same, two Tin Pan Alley acts will not perform the same song in the same manner.

It was wonderful.

Photos: 1) Street Scene from stair to Indian Restaurant(1st Avenue just south of 6th St.), 2) George Sunshine, 3&4) Two shots of Brittni Paiva, 5) James Hill, 6) Boulder Acoustic Society.