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Archive for May 7th, 2006

Another Busy Saturday

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Saturday was a full one… in the morning I felt like I was back to the days when I was a secretary. The phone kept ringing like crazy, and I was doing some accounting and some printing of patterns for shops who had placed orders.

Then at 2pm I went to Rae’s for her Anniversary weekend. We had a special “Make a Button” session, where I made motifs in polymer clay and folks applied my motifs on a core of scrap clay, and then we shaped the bits into button shapes and baked. It was fun. Shirley and Kathy and Julie were among those who came by. Great fun.

By the way, Rae’s having 20% off all her yarns this weekend and she has some Socks That Rock in two weights in stock. I know that yarn is hard to get these days so anyone out there if you read this on Sunday while she’s open, you can call (517) 336-9276 and order some at a discount. Cool, huh? (Her hours Sunday are 11am – 3pm Eastern Time, same zone as New York.)

Personally, I bought yarn for a felted/fulled/shrunk bag. I’m contemplating other lovely things but that may be all I get. After all, we’re on the cusp of slow season here and holding back is prudent for someone whose main living is made teaching people to knit. Folks don’t knit as much when it’s warm out, that’s just how it goes. But I’m very fond of the chained Louisa Harding cashmere blend. very tempting stuff.

After Rae’s I delivered some patterns to Threadbear and bought some Bingo yarn which is on sale this weekend for merely $4 a ball. It’s great stuff, I’ve made 3 pair socks from it already. It’s not sockyarn, it’s sweater yarn in bulky superwash merino. In lots of colors.

I took home enough Bingo for another pair of sox for my brother Eric, and also a pair for his wife, Diana. Not sure when I’ll knit the socks, but now I’ve definitely prepared by getting the yarn.

At night, we went to Creole Gallery and opened for the wonderful band Steppin’ in It. What can I say? The venue is run by some fabulous people. The audience just is ready to love anything you do for them. The band we opened for is top notch. How could it have been anything but great?

One of the guys in the other band took a Polaroid photo of Brian and I and I need to scan it in. I’ll post it here next to this text as soon as I have a chance to do that.

Oh, and after the concert we went to the Fleetwood Diner on Cedar Street for tea and a salad. And who walked in? Three high school girls (and a bunch of their friends) who I know. Two of whom are knitting my First-Time Toe-Up Socks right now! The third I did teach to do basic knitting once, and I’ve known her mother for years. We also met some other really nice folks at the diner while we were there, and even sang a few impromptu songs while waiting for our check. It was fun.

Time to sleep… Tomorrow starts with an accountant meeting followed by a Bloom Shawl class at Rae’s and then some prototype sockyarn dyeing in the dye studio when I get home. Busy, busy! Seeya later!