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Archive for May 10th, 2006

Feeling Better Already

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Well, I started my workday with a to-do list that had 9 items on it. Now it has 2, and they can’t be done until tomorrow. Actually I’ll add one thing on it for tomorrow but I already feel better.

Music turned my day around. I put on a CD by the Moonlighters, their Live in Baden Baden album. I love that band and I love that CD. The day sort of smiled after listening to the music while I was preparing to go out for the day.

Just thought I’d post my progress. I typically keep it to positive subjects and today didn’t work out quite as usual.

Now if I can just decide what camera to buy…

Busy and Distracted

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

I have been working hard on my to-do list since I finally got back to my desk after a long week of dance show and nearly a week of UkeFest. We have been home one week and a day, and I still feel totally swamped with things that feel they should have been done long ago.

This is part and parcel of the self-employed lifestyle. Perhaps it is even just part of being human. I wish I could just shrug it off and do my best but I worry and that can not make me more efficient, can it? It seems anyone with any passion for life, must have more they want to do than they can fit into 24 hours a day. But I still sort of fret over it sometimes.

Yesterday I made a list of 19 things to do. I got maybe half done. Today I have a busier schedule as far as appointments go, so how I will get much done I don’t know. No wonder I stay up so late. I do sleep late, also, so I get enough sleep, but when I’m up late the world can’t intrude. Phones do not ring, doorbells stay silent, even Brian is sleeping and I have no distractions. At a certain time I will get tired but that may make it even easier for me to sit still.

I dyed some sample skeins of sockyarn for a project I learned about months ago, will send out those skeins on Wednesday. My uncle is all excited because Brian and I will go to Minnesota to sing for his 50th anniversary party in July, so he wants me to send some publicity information.

I’m also not done promoting the In the Garden CD, not by a long shot… I need to assemble a mailing list and then a letter announcing the CD to radio stations, music venues and public gardens who might want us to perform or may want to sell CDs. I did spend a little time yesterday promoting the music events at Altu’s restaurant… we are one of the acts there, but I do the publicity even when we don’t play.

I put down my camera about 2 weeks ago and didn’t pick it back up, so I need a new one. I do research on the web and make one decision, go to a store, change my mind, go home to do more research, change my mind again. Talk about a time-sink!

The photos I took at UkeFest were taken with Brian’s camera. But now my PhotoShop won’t work and I (still) need to un-install and reinstall the software, so I can post the last photos for that event which ended over a week ago.

Other tasks? I have printed out patterns in piles, they only need to be put into page protectors, but I need to go buy some protectors before I can finish. There are Fabulous Heftones brochures to fold, business cards to cut apart. The kitchen table is full of polymer clay for buttonmaking and kazoomaking, the yarn winder and cones of yarn to wind are near the stairway. No matter how many loads of laundry I put into our (wonderful) dishwasher, it seems that the kitchen counter is always full of stuff.

Brian has Scarlet Runner Stringband practice here at the house tonight. If I don’t move the skeinwinder from where I typically use it (at the bottom of the stairs by a small passageway), poor Dave won’t be able to get his full-size string bass into the house!

How do people do it? I have friends who are mothers. For me, the thought of being a mother sounds the hardest thing one could do, much more full of tasks than what I do. And then almost all of my mom-friends also has a time-clock job. How do they stay sane? I am pretty happy, I do eventually get things done, I have a low level of worry, but nobody depends on me making sure their existance is healthy as well.

This may sound like I’m flipping out… not really, but when you finally sit still after weeks of running in circles outside your home/office, you finally see in front of your eyes what must be done. And it has piled pretty high!

OK… I picked out a beautiful caftan I bought in Kenya to wear today, with my handknit Fixation dance top underneath. That will definitely make me smile. I can turn around my worries, I’m sure of it.

I’m going to go play some music recorded by UkeFest friends/performers, and I’m going to go put on that caftan, and I’m going to sing my worries away.

Here’s a Gratitude List:

Spring is truly here in Lansing, it’s warm and colorful.
I love teaching knitting.
I love my students.
I love to sing and have many venues where I can do it.
I got to go to Africa with my good friend Altu.
I get to wear the things I bought in Africa, in my everyday life.
I have great people in my life.
I have friends who make great music CDs, that make me smile.
I have Brian.

My friends, today is another day. I’m working on the smile already… If I can use this post as a to-do list rather than a vent, I can probably make some progress yet today.

Photos: 1)Spring in 2004 (Lansing, MI, USA), same town – different year. About 4 blocks from my house. 2) The tunic I’m wearing today, I got it in Nairobi at a cute tiny shop near the market.