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Archive for May 11th, 2006

Sigh of Relief: Found Camera

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

Big Sigh! I went back through my mind to see if I could figure out where I might have left my camera. I knew I’d had it on Sunday (April 23), taking photos of the dance workshop. I knew I didn’t have it on Thursday morning (April 27) when we left for New York. I looked through every bag I own… two or three bags holding knitting projects, my old purse and my new purse. No luck.

LynnH's Easy Pumpkin SoupI was sure I’d just put down the camera sometime and not picked it back up. I’ve been more distractable than usual lately. However, it’s not like me to be careless with a camera. I kept my last one 2 years (before leaving it at a bar where we had a singing performance… I know exactly what table it was on), and the first one I had at least that long before I chose to replace it with a better one.

Then today I realized that this loss happened just about the time of the spring thaw. I had taken a different coat to NYC than the one I’d been wearing all winter. So I determined to look one more time through my pockets in the closet, just in case. (The camera goes in my bag/purse, not my pocket… but I’m not always consistent.)

I found it. In a pocket of the coat I wore all but the coldest days of winter. Whew!

I do still need to buy a camera sometime relatively soon. The one I just found was the one I bought when I first started this blog in late 2002, and it has been through the wringer as well as just plain being old and grumpy. It is definitely a low-end but trusty friend. At least now I have my familiar tool with me.

For a week and a half I have almost felt as though I lost part of me at times, I’m so used to always having a digital camera with me. And spring has been SO gorgeous here this year, I can not tell you how often I wished I could pull the car over and take pictures for you. It is sad that we had a torrential downpour today, so the fruit blossoms won’t be so photogenic tomorrow.

Funny, when I go looking at cameras, the sales guys in the stores (so far only guys in the camera departments) are sure I want high tech. I want point and shoot, really. Fast and easy is better than high-resolution, in my world. I use the camera more like a reporter would… lots of low-quality photos for the web, almost none for print.

But I also use it instead of a copier machine to document checks before I deposit them in the bank, I use it to make the kids at Foster Center feel special when they knit well, I document my beautiful town and my adult knitting classes. I have four pairs of socks and one pair legwarmers still unworn, waiting to photograph them so I can show you. (I finished pair #129 yesterday at my First-Time Toe-Up Sock class with Suzanne, Jeanne and Anne, and they finished their socks as well, but unfortunately I could take no photo.)

I feel almost normal now! Without being in a hurry to pick my next camera I have some breathing room. I am still trying to figure out which I want from camera specs I’m finding online, but I’m no longer in a hurry.

I just don’t like being a consumer, I guess. Whew!

Photo: One of the very first photos I took with a digital camera… the one I rediscovered today. It’s a bowl of my own recipe for Easy Pumpkin Soup (yum). I posted this photo on my weblog on December 30, 2002. This has become one of my most popular blog entries, and I’ve written 1348 posts to date. The photo looks dark to me now, I had a different monitor then, but it was such a new luxury to have a digital camera!!!