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Archive for May 12th, 2006

Found Pre-New York Photos

Friday, May 12th, 2006

Aaah, it’s nice to feel like my normal self again, with a reasonable to-do list and a found camera. Sigh…

I had a great day knitting at Foster Center for my CityKidz Knit! program, I had seven participants today. It was great. Two of my girls are knitting socks. Yes, really. One is in 7th grade and one is 15, whatever grade that is. They are extraordinary knitters and I’m very proud of them.

I also have two younger girls knitting feltable/shrinkable bags right now. They are very excited to see how their bags will shrink. I have never seen such enthusiasm for large numbers of stitches as this last few weeks, and I’m delighted.

First I have two photos I took at Foster Center in late April. The first is Julie, who I knew from the contra dance community before I knew her as a knitter. She has taken classes from me at Rae’s and maybe also at Threadbear. She is finishing up her second pair of socks and has started a third. In this photo she is holding up her first pair in one hand, and in the other showing off one of the socks from her second pair, ready to bind off.

Next I have a photo of my 7th grader. She is wearing a bag/purse of her own design. She did it with almost no help from me. In fact, I had taught her to knit two or three summers ago and not seen her since. Then she showed back up at my door with this purse nearly finished. It made me smile. She’s a sharp cookie and I really enjoy working with her while she makes things up and learns to knit toe-up socks. Go, grrl!

Last I have a photo of four toe up socks from a class I taught at Little Red Schoolhouse. This was a group of ladies who work and knit together, and we had a grand time indeed. At this point in the knitting, they are nearly done with any part of the sock that is shaped or fussy (they will decrease for gussets and then they can do whatever cuff they desire). Nice job, ladies… and thanks for waiting so long for this photo.