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Archive for May 16th, 2006

In a Great Mood

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

What a good day I’ve had today. I tell you, I did not get much sleep because I was still knitting the Watercolor Bag for my bag swap buddy in the knitting guild. I was so close with it on Sunday that I didn’t push and I found myself knitting till 3am Monday night/Tuesday morning. Got up on Tuesday and kept going. Finished the bag at 10:30am, then had to knit ten feet of 5-stitch I-cord for a handle, which took approximately 3 or 3.5 hours and I was already into early afternoon (the bag was due at 7pm).

Two times through the wash in my “new” washer (I love this machine) and it was felted just great… but somewhat wet (thank goodness wool doesn’t feel very wet even when it is). I had to sew a little and shape it at that point, so I took it with me to Altu’s restaurant to get a meal and sewed while waiting. She was extra-fast serving up the food, on the one day I could have used more time!

But I got the sewing done and left the bag in my warm car (we had rain and then sun and then rain and sun again today, the first day in a week with any sun at all). And the bag dried enough to be gifted. Whew!

Actually, in there for about a half hour I detoured from my knitting project, though. The best honor I can think of is having a toddler want my time. My friend/neighbor April called to ask me if I wanted to go for a walk while the sun was shining. I said of course. So she and Isabel (just barely 2 years old) came over to pick me up for a bit of a walk.

April says that Isabel has been asking for me. What an honor! She really is a child who hangs very close to her mommy, so any attention I get from her I treasure. She’s a ray of sunshine with a big smile, and I love her company.

Well, today when we left my house for our walk, Isabel grabbed one of my fingers with her whole hand, a very strong grip. And we went for a walk around many blocks, and she did not lessen that grip the whole time.

She is turning into a bit of a chatterbox. She doesn’t make sentences but she has lots of words… step, shoes, socks, flowers. She loves socks… my kind of kid!!!

A walk with a toddler who wants to hold my hand? Who can beat that? It was a great way to start the day.

Back to knitting, though: I did get photos the bag I knit for Tamsyn and the incredible Panes Bag (pattern designed by my friend Trish Bloom) I received from Teresa Lee. I will get you some soon… but I’m not done working today. I’m preparing my patterns to be PDF downloads at Mary Moran’s KnittingZone.com website. Mary is the listmom for the Socknitters Yahoo email group, and someone I’m delighted to begin doing business with.

So I’m off to make more PDFs for Mary… I’ll let you know when the patterns appear on her site. Very soon!