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Archive for May 21st, 2006

A Semi-Quick Hello after a Day Away

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

It was a busy weekend with much music. Saturday, Brian and I (as The Fabulous Heftones) performed at Applewood Public Gardens in Flint. It was wonderful. The gardens are immaculate (the place is only open to the public about once a month so they can really keep up the grounds beautifully). It was gorgeous.

Singing in a formal garden from 1918, singing songs about flowers and birds and rainbows, from the 1920’s, well, it was really ideal for us and I drank in the specialness of the day.

Mom and her friend Barb came to see us sing. That was extra special. They really enjoyed the gardens as well as our singing. I loved having them there as part of the crowd.

It was a grand event. The crowd was all ages and all walks of life, well-mixed culturally, a really good cross section of folks enjoying the gardens. The kids seemed to like it a lot. At one point we saw a boy rolling down a hill behind the garden where we played. So fun, I’d forgotten about rolling down hills like that.

Sunday I spent the day at the East Lansing Art Festival. I was supposed to help Altu with her food booth but she already had four people there working when I arrived. I’m not very comfortable working in a kitchen though I do it when Altu needs me.

I ended up running for supplies, water, whatever. Mostly I sat and knit in the back of her booth or I wandered to this or that musical stage to see my musical friends who performed. Steppin’ in It was there, as was Peter Madcat Ruth, Seth Bernard and Daisy May, and Wally Pleasant. All people I’ve mentioned here before. Brian played backup for Wally as he has done many times. That was fun, hearing them play and then chatting with Wally and his family after the show.

After the festival was over, we went to a music jam/party and I mostly talked and knit. I sang maybe 3 songs. But one guy there really took to my Heftone Bass and played it a long time during a fiddler’s jam. That was really cool.

We have a wonderful clan of musical friends here in Lansing. I really enjoyed the party. I’m finally allowing myself to take an instrument somewhere and then just not play at all. I find some types of music very difficult to play, and I make lots of mistakes. That becomes uncomfortable. I want music to be fun.

So this time I chatted while I knit on the ribbed legwarmer from the yarn I got in New York City. I finished the first one and started the second. It looks promising, though clearly they will be fraternal legwarmers, there is no way to make them match. Since they have only maybe 4 colors of stripes I think this will work out fine.

I got SO cold on Sunday I just could not warm up (it was breezy and about 57F degrees, and mostly cloudy so we didn’t warm up from the sun as we did Saturday). Then the house where the party was held, was on the chilly side. When I got home I put on a better sweater and sat on the heatvent with a blanket, and I still did not feel warm. Finally I wrapped up in my cotton gahbi (four-layer fluffy cotton blanket from Ethiopia) and got into bed under the two comforters, and I finally warmed up enough to sleep well.