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Archive for May 25th, 2006

A Quick Photo

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MichiganThis week I had the opportunity to be on the 7th floor of the Sparrow Professional Building (across from Sparrow Hospital). It’s on Michigan Avenue, between the state Capitol building and Altu’s restaurant. My life that is not spent at home, is mostly spent within the scope of this photo.

On the left/north side of Michigan Avenue, the blue awning is my allergist’s office where I do a lot of knitting. Past that you see a large red brick building or two, that is Resurrection church and school. Some of my knitters go to that school.

A few blocks past the school, is my favorite block in Lansing. Yes, I really do have a favorite block. On this block much creative work is done. Magdalena’s Teahouse is on that block, as is Green Door (a bar where our friends, Steppin’ in It, have a regular Monday night gig). Also on that block is Gone Wired Cybercafe, Lamai’s Thai Kitchen, Lopez Bakery, City Pulse newspaper, and Emil’s Italian Restaurant. I’m guessing I’ve mentioned most of these places in my blog here at least a few times.

Beyond that another few blocks (also on the left of Michigan Ave.) is where Foster Community Center is. Merely a block past that is the house is that I used to own when I was single. I still consider this my neighborhood (it’s called the East Side Neighborhood) although now I only work there. Since I married Brian, we live a mile or two south/right of where I stood when I took the photo.

Past my old house is Rae’s Yarn Boutique at a shopping center called Frandor. The New Aladdin’s restaurant where I sometimes dance is just past Rae’s.

You may be able to see the white Sears water tower which is at the far side of Frandor. Only a block or so past that water tower is where Altu’s restaurant is. Altu is in the very first building on Michigan Avenue that is in East Lansing, a different municipality than Lansing. Actually, when I took a photo pointing just to the right of this one, I was able to see a few large buildings at Michigan State University which is also East Lansing.

Friends, this is my neighborhood. If I must live in a city this small, I’m pretty glad it’s this one. This is the life, as Brian would say. Welcome to my world.