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Archive for May 26th, 2006

One Week Ago: Applewood Public Gardens

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Fabulous Heftones at ApplewoodAbout one week ago (Saturday), Brian and I sang at Applewood Public Gardens in Flint, Michigan. This was once the CW Mott estate (he was VP of General Motors in the early days, was on the board of GM for 60 years) and is run and maintained by the Ruth Mott Foundation.

The house was built in 1918, a perfect venue for our early-1900’s music. Especially now that we have a CD called “In the Garden,” with songs about flowers and gardens and birds and rainbows. You know? It makes me happy.

The gardens are only opened to the public about once a month, so the horticulturists on staff are able to do just a splendid job of keeping things very tidy and beautiful.

Here is a photo my mom’s friend Barb took of us, and a shot I took of the garden where we sang (there are many gardens on the grounds). It was very cold so I wore a long dress with jacket and the ColorJoy Stole that my sister-in-law, Diana, knit for my Mom’s 70th birthday. Mom’s stole is more dense and larger than any of mine and she was happy to loan it out for a day.

I also was wearing a vintage velveteen beret. The label makes me think it is from the 1940’s, perhaps. The lining of the hat shows many hat pin perforations. It says London/New York on the label. A very fine hat, indeed.

Fabulous Heftones at ApplewoodThe hat was given to me many years ago by my friend Iris. I met Iris at a conference in Chicago I think 17 years ago. I’m driving to Chicago Saturday to see Iris for part of a day.

It usually takes just under 4 hours to drive there, so I’ll drive more Saturday than I’ll be with her. However, I have a good car for driving, and good music… plus I do love driving and I really really love Chicago. We’ll go to dinner somewhere wonderful, probably on Devon Avenue where all the Indian restaurants are. Yum. Or at least that’s what we usually do when we have time for merely one meal.

OK, as Brian would say: “Off to see America!”