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Archive for May 27th, 2006


Saturday, May 27th, 2006

Chicago was a nice getaway. I didn’t really see much of Chicago other than a hazy skyline (and backed-up traffic paying for the Skyway bridge followed by construction on 90-94). But a glimpse of a skyline is fuel for me, it fills me up with creative energy and enthusiasm for a while.

I left Lansing around 11am, spent 65 minutes waiting to pay a toll which delayed me quite a bit (thank goodness I had knitting in the car), and got there about 5 hours later (usually it’s 3.5-4hr). My friend and I went out to dinner and I had some nice grilled salmon and steamed broccoli. We talked until it would have been rude to stay any longer (the waitress needs to have more than one table/tip all night) so we went back to where she lives and chatted. And drank tea, and chatted. And chatted some more. Until it had been dark a long while. I was there about seven hours.

And then I drove home. Thank goodness, traffic was great on the way home. I did stop at a Denny’s for tea in Kalamazoo and rested a while with my eyes closed, then drove again. I finally got home around 4am.

I’m glad I went.