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Archive for May 28th, 2006

Belated East Lansing Art Festival Photos

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Wally Pleasant at East Lansing Art FairLast weekend was East Lansing Art Festival. Altu had a booth for her restaurant so I went there on Sunday to try and help her out. She had enough help so I was sort of an extra, and that allowed me time to listen to some good music and take a few photographs.

Wally Pleasant at East Lansing Art FairThe first photo is Wally Pleasant on the left, with Brian (yes, my husband) backing him up on the right. For this song he was playing banjo but he also plays mandolin, fiddle, whatever Wally asks him to play for any particular song. They have been performing together off and on since before I knew Brian, over a decade. I always enjoy hearing Wally sing.

Wally Pleasant at East Lansing Art FairThe second photo is our friends in the band Steppin’ in It on the main stage. The light was not so good to take photos but they sure did a great show! This photo was taken during their Harmonica Trio piece. Very cool.

The person wearing a melon colored knit hat at bottom left of that 2nd photo is Tinisha, who I’ve mentioned here before. She has knit a pair of socks. A pair, not a sock. And actually, I think a third sock as well. I have known Tinisha for a while… she graduates from East Lansing High School this week. Congratulations, Grrl!

Oh, and last but not least… a photo of Mariam (who has finished one sock, this week) and Tinisha dancing together near the smaller stage, right after Wally’s concert ended. I love photographing dancers. Talk about being alive! This is the essence of celebrating life, I think. (Never mind it was REALLY cold, many folks were wearing winter coats… and these girls could warm up a bit by dancing. Mariam really was chilly when I caught up with her that day. Now, a week later, it’s 86 degrees F/30C, go figure.)