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Archive for June 17th, 2006

Diana’s Phone Caddy

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Diana's cell pouchMy sister in law, Diana, is great at many kinds of handwork. When I met her, she was mostly into quilting. I made her a pair of socks. She can’t wear store-bought socks but the ones I made her fit really well. I got her hooked pretty easily, then, on handknit socks without even realizing it was a big deal.

I knit her another pair of socks when my brother Eric requested I do so. Then I got busy with the business of knitting/designing and just didn’t have time to make her more of what she needed.

So she started knitting. She was already very good at crochet, but she wanted handknit socks. Well, guys… she’s converted. She told me Friday that she’d emptied a few drawers formerly used for quilt fabrics, and made them available to her new knitting obsession.

She has made at least one pair of my wristwarmers, one button hat, and other goodies I’m going blank on right now. She’s knitting socks for herself currently, from my First-Time Toe-Up sock pattern. And they fit, and she loves that. Power. Ability to make something exactly as needed. How cool is that?

Well, the grrl loves bright colors as much as I do, though she sometimes picks different ones than I might. She found herself at a store the other day and found contractor’s nylon mason twine, in hot hot hot hot pink. Eye-curdling pink. Electric pink.

And proceeded to make a phone caddy with the twine, which I show here for your viewing pleasure. She used something like a linen or woven stitch (with stitches slipped yarn in front) which made a great fabric. Then she decorated with paints and beads and what appears to be a button. I saw it in person but I can not remember what the heart was.

And then guess what? She gave the rest of the twine to me. I have about 100+ yards of twine, about DK or worsted weight from the looks of it. It really wants to be a shopping bag, I think. In my spare time…

Knitted Car!

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Howlin’ Hobbit sends this link to a Knitted Ferrari in the UK. Dang.

Twelve miles of yarn in garter stitch. How did she fend off boredom? Amazing.