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Archive for June 18th, 2006

Bits N Pieces

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

gardenTouching base on many topics…

It’s hot here, or was Saturday anyway. I love this weather! The most perfect thing besides a hammock on the porch, is driving in the dark down the highway in over-80F weather. I got to do that Saturday night. I was really really happy.

We sang at a very special wedding Saturday, it was wonderful. The bride came down the aisle to “By the Light of the Silvery Moon.” At the reception we met some great folks who may come to our CD release next Sunday. It would be so cool if they did.

My brother Eric, who usually works on Sundays, somehow got the day off next week and he will come to the CD party. I’m really excited. He’s my best buddy in the world and he doesn’t get to Lansing much. He and Diana will both come. Woohoo!

Kathy S. writes that she finished her first pair of First-Time Toe-Up socks she started in a class at Rae’s. They look great. (Blue Trekking XXL.) Her son now wants a pair. Cool!

Kathy had suggested that to organize my yarn mess in the living room we buy those wire cubes that so many yarn shops have for display. Brian got several packages of them and put ’em up. I filled those. I bought another package and he put that up too but I haven’t filled those yet. I have so many samples knit for classes or to sell patterns, on top of yarn to knit, that I was just overflowing. I think this will eliminate the “boxes on the floor” yarn problem in the living room. Maybe we can have a music party again… not this week, but maybe before it snows. I hope.

I got a thank you note from some of my knitters at the alternative High School. It means the world to get a note like that! One of the girls knit a necklace, added a charm, and wore it to her prom. Another girl knits to keep herself from smoking. I call these results success, my friends! I really am happy to sleep in on Mondays now that their school is out, but I’m glad I worked with them when I did.

On the way home from visiting my Father in Law for Fathers’ day, I started knitting up my Bonkers! fiber handspun into a shawl. I’m working on size 15 needles. The needles are not at all too big for this very chunky yarn. I love this thing. It’s like knitting a garden. Incredible.

Speaking of gardens, I have done no gardening at all this year. Well, Brian and I transplanted some rhubarb from Mom’s house. She has the most healthy rhubarb I’ve ever seen. It looked like it didn’t make it, but apparently the roots are fine. The clump we planted is now growing leaves like crazy. The two leaves that came with the plant did not make it but we seem to have three happy rhubarb plants. Happier than the plant that we’ve had for years, actually!

Other than that I’m very happy that we have plants that bloom without any attention at all. The climbing roses are great right now, the daylilies started this weekend, a few peonies are still blooming, the magenta spirea (sp) is blooming on the north side, and it sort of looks like we have a garden even though I have not done anything but pull tree seedlings (in a half-attempt to weed) this year. I need to get some pre-planted geraniums in pots if nothing else, for our back entry. And hopefully a ready-to-go potted tomato plant for the back step. They are so pretty in a city garden!

Photo today was actually taken last year. It’s the east side of our garage, plants that came with the house, though the lilies used to grow in a different area of the yard. These roses are in full bloom right now, and the lilies are starting to pop.