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Archive for June 26th, 2006

Photos from Concert on Otterwise Blog

Monday, June 26th, 2006

Diana, my brother Eric Oscar’s wife, writes a blog called Otterwise. She put up a column and then several photos of our party last night. Scroll to the bottom of the entry to see the photos. For the record, the first photo is me waltzing with my Mother, Liz, during the jam session.

A quote that brought tears to my eyes: “I love music so much, and Brian and Lynn are Magic on stage and off.”

Thanks, Diana! It was great having you with us.

It Was Fun!

Monday, June 26th, 2006

We had our CD party, it was a wonderful time. I have photos, thanks to Mariam.

However, I slept like a rock and today I have some work to do for my last day with my community ed class in Haslett, so photos will need to wait.

Thanks to everyone who made this party a success. Rod controlled the bouncing ball for our sing-along, Mariam took photographs, Mariam and Tinisha handled CD coupons, Martha distributed the door prize coupons to everyone for me at the break time so I could chat with folks. Thanks to the musicians who brought instruments for the jam, and the folks who danced while the jam session was rocking!

Thanks to Nancy who did two shifts at Magdalenas Sunday with a great attitude, and worked like crazy getting food to the appreciative crowd. Thanks to Miko for encouraging us to play there, and friends and family, students, knitters, dance friends, everyone. It was a room full of great friendship and music.

Especially big thanks to my friend Anne who decorated the stage for us almost single-handedly and then had to leave after maybe one or two songs because her 4 yr old needed a change of pace. As 4 year old children do, she wasn’t at all bad, just ready to go.

More later. Right now I need to be a computer instructor for a few hours…