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Archive for June 28th, 2006

A Bird in the Bedroom

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Oh, my! You have already heard me complain of lost sleep because of a bird’s nest underneath the air conditioner… four feet from my pillow. The baby birds yell (chirp?) loudly, asking for food, and it starts much earlier than the time I normally would awake.

But this morning not long after waking up, I went upstairs (where the bedroom is) and I heard an odd sound. I worried it might be a bird. I did not see anything under the bed, and was relieved for a split second. Then I looked behind the headboard (the bed sits at an angle) and there was something that at first just looked like a “dust bunny” given that I was not wearing my eyeglasses.

I looked again. Guess what? A small brown bird was blending in with the brown wood floor and brown wood trim. He (she?) was so still and quiet I didn’t recognize him at first. Drat!

OK first things first… I called Brian and laughed a bit. I knew what to do, but I had to let off a little steam first. Then I went up there with an old shirt from the rag bag. I tossed the shirt in a soft crumpled pile on the poor, scared, unmoving bird, wrapped him up as best I could without hurting him, went down the stairs and outside, and released him on the ground in the shade just below where the air conditioner is.

He sort of flitted away, flying not too far above the ground, and hid under a rosebush. A decent plan, in any case. If he calls out enough, his mom will hear him. I hope he survives. There are very few cats in the neighborhood and he seemed very close to flight, so I’m guessing he’ll make it.

Dang! How can I work on my big knitting project with that sort of excitement? It was enough on my mind to distract me from choosing which of 11 colors of beige I should use to knit my next stitch…

OK, back to the knitting.

Coopers Glen Music Festival Site

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

It’s up! The Coopers Glen Music Festival web page is now on the naturecenter.org web site! We (The Fabulous Heftones) are confirmed for Saturday, August 26, at 5:45pm.

We are really looking forward to this concert. It’s in Kalamazoo, a pleasant drive from Lansing, even easier from Grand Rapids, and a hop skip and jump from Battle Creek. This will be the biggest event we’ve played that has not been focused on Ukuleles. It’s going to be such fun!!!