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Archive for July 3rd, 2006

Brian’s on UkeCast Today!

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Brian Hefferan and his UkuleleThis post is for the ukulele-playing friends I have out there reading this blog. (Hi, Hobbit!)

Brian came home today to tell me that he was listening to UkeCast and he was on the show! How cool is that? Howling Hobbit is mentioned in the podcast, too!

I asked him to send me a link for you all. Here are three (well, four if you count two links to essentially the same thing as two):

UkeCast Episode 18 (This is the one Brian is on, guest host is Nipper.) I had to go to that page and wait a minute or so while the “play” bar showed up at the very bottm of the large center photograph. I then clicked the little triangle “play” button and it worked fine. (Clicking the words “Episode Eighteen” gave me an error message.)

If you have trouble with getting there my way, maybe you can get there with the Enhanced Podcast Episode 18). This seems to need a different version of QuickTime than my computer has, though.



It’s a delight to have this sort of surprise. Remember, you can listen to a podcast like this from your computer. You don’t have to have an Ipod or similar portable gizmo. Just click the link and for most computers, the right player will just start up automatically and you’ll be listening in no time. (Assuming your connection is cooperative, that is.)

Drat, Virus Caught Me… Knitting Anyway

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Well, I’m lucky enough to have a few days in a row with no classes or other public appearances.

I’m nearly done with the knitting part of my big project. It’s imperfect, like me, and that is perhaps appropriate. I’ve got 13 rows left (out of 91 total) to knit, and the last 5 are a solid color so they will take very little time. So things are progressing fine in that department.

But I thought Saturday I might be getting a little cold. Sunday I woke with a sore throat. Thank goodness for doctors who work on Sundays, because I knew I’d had dinner with a friend Friday who was diagnosed with strep on Saturday. Fortunately, my strep test is negative… but that means I just have to wait for the virus to work its course.

I slept for perhaps four hours Sunday afternoon. This is good not only for my cold but because I have had a month of short sleep (thanks to loud baby birds in the now-evicted windowsill nest). I slept like a rock Sunday night and then slept again Sunday afternoon. Luxury, I tell you.

I’m grateful for the empty calendar. Usually I am unhappy with unscheduled weekends, as it’s sort of like an unpaid leave of absence in my knitting-teacher business. However, this week it’s just what I needed!

OK, back to the 13 rows…