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Archive for July 5th, 2006

Parade Photos

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Habibi Dancers of Lansing MichiganWell, here you have it, a few photos of the Habibi Dancers at the Fourth of July (Independence Day) Parade in Lansing, Michigan, USA. Actually, photos before the parade started, when we were relatively rested and refreshed. It was impossible to take photos while dancing, of course, so there is no photo of the actual parade. I’m sure you understand.

First is a photo of the ten dancers who participated (it’s bigger than my usual photos so that the dancers can download a photo for themselves). We also had several men/partners involved but only one of them dressed the part and walked the parade… the others did tech duty driving the truck and taking photos, etc. Thanks to those who helped, visible ot not.

Habibi Dancers of Lansing MichiganSecond you see a photo of Brandi showing how well she can balance a cane on her head even when the wind is blowing. Excellent job!

Next is Ari warming up with her flame fan. How pretty is that? She is so talented with this prop, and I promise you it’s a rough one to master.

Habibi Dancers of Lansing MichiganLast is Ari and Molly posing as we dance divas love to do. They look great together.

By the way, notice the background shots. Lansing is a very green city, very liveable. The cross street you see behind us is Capitol Avenue, the very street where the State Capitol building is. We are all of 3 or 4 blocks from that building, if you just went to that street and turned right for a while.

Habibi Dancers of Lansing MichiganYet right behind us you see a residential area with grass and trees. And yes, some office buildings as well. But this town sure looks beautiful and green and liveable, on a sunny summer day in July!

If you are curious about Lansing at all, Wikipedia has a great entry on Lansing, Michigan. For example, I learned there that our city has a population just over 119,000 as of year 2000 and it is the only state capital city that extends into three counties. Around here “Tri-County Area” has significant meaning.