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Archive for July 16th, 2006

Home Again!

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

We got home past midnight, I teach Sunday noonish at Threadbear so there’s little time to write now. We played lots of music, sold a good number of CDs, had a good time. It was hot hot hot with a monster thunderstorm around dinnertime Friday. Tunes were hot hot hot, too.

I’m behind, tried to connect to the internet but Evart is just too small a town or something… the McDonalds and Super 8 supposedly both offered wireless internet but neither could offer access to a soul when we actually got there. The library had their own slow computers but by the time we got there, it was 15 minutes to closing time. Such is life. I’ve never expected to get online while camping before, but I did try. Then I just gave in and camped and sang. It was fine.

I’ll catch up on the Minnesota travelogue and tell of the dulcimer festival when I get home from work. Thanks for hanging in with me while I was incommunicado.