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Archive for July 18th, 2006

Catching Up

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Oh, My! I’m so behind I can’t even think straight. I have assorted and miscellaneous photos I need to show you. Pardon me that this post has no theme other than “photos close to their expiration dates.”

First is the most important. The thing I do each week that makes my heart sing. The most incredible thing I may have ever done. It’s teaching my incredible kids to knit. They are getting so comfortable, and they know me and my methods so well, that these days I don’t have to give them step by step instructions. I can give them “shortcut names” to procedures and they are off and running.

I can not tell you how fine these young people are. So without further ado, let me show you the work they are doing, and their work will at least speak for itself.

First is a 2nd grader who is knitting a bag in the round. She is preparing to hand felt it with me next time I see her. She also learned how to make I-cord (a tube made with double pointed needles) and pronounced it a fingerwarmer. She’s wearing it here in the photo.

Next is the second pair of socks by my 7th grader, who is a good deal of the way into her third pair and collecting sock yarn as I type this! These are intended as a gift for her mother, made of Brown Sheep Lambs Pride donated by one of you or my guild friends, and trimmed with some purple Pastaza I gave her, which was leftover from a Watercolor Bag I knit.

Next is a 2nd grader who is in the process here of knitting baby booties without a pattern. We figured out what shape she needed to make, I cut out the shape from a piece of paper, and we talked about how she could fill that shape with knitting. The next time I saw her (photo later here in this column) she sewed the first bootie together and was nearly ready to do the same for the second one. The baby shower was July 18 so I’ll have to ask her how it went later this week.

Bob McCarthy and Friends at Meridian Historical VillageThe pile of squares was knit by the bootie knitter and her mother. They are intent on making squares for a blanket for charity. I’m getting a good pile of them started up so I will soon be attempting to fit these un-matched squares together somehow. I expect I’ll crochet them together and fill in any holes with a bit of crochet as well.

Bob McCarthy and Friends at MeridianLast is a photo of my bootie knitter and my socknitter, showing off booties and a purse (which she made up all by herself), knit with yarns donated from you folks and local guild members. Aren’t these guys just the best??? Can you see why I’m bursting with pride on their behalf???

LynnH Singing at Meridian Historical VillageOK, now for a few music photos. On the Wednesday after we returned from Minnesota, our friend Bob McCarthy (a swing guitar player and a wonderful friend) gathered some friends into a band to perform for the Meridian Historical Society behind the Meridian Mall. Brian played with the band and I sang two songs. Thanks to Fred for taking photos for us!

Colleen's SockIn the first photo you just see the lovely space. It’s right behind the Meridian Mall but feels very rural. The second photo is the band… from left to right is Willie T., Tim, Brian, Bob and Travis. In the last photo they have added me singing a bit. We had a very fine time indeed.

Polymer ClayFinally, a few photos of work by adult students. I’m absolutely sure I’m missing something but this is what I can find by looking back through photos right now. I’ve got a photo of Colleen’s First-Time Toe-Up sock from a class at Little Red Schoolhouse. She’s a very accomplished knitter but had not made toe up socks before. Nice job, don’t you think?

And thanks to Julie L-W, a photo from last Sunday’s Polymer Clay buttons & beads class at Threadbear. This is just the tray we baked in class, they took home more creations to bake at home. I’m always delighted with the quality of the work in a first time button class. Thanks again for the photo, Julie!