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Archive for July 23rd, 2006

Perfect Hug Shawl: Preview

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

Perfect Hug Shawl by LynnHSomehow I took a picture of this shawl on July 3 but I’ve been so crazy-busy since then (mostly with the self-portrait and then a lot of musical peformances) that I guess somehow I forgot to post it. And it’s such a nice photo, in my opinion!

The shawl on the mannequin was the first test knit of this upcoming pattern, knit in commercial (rather than handspun) yarn. It’s exactly three balls of Debbie Bliss Soho (210 yards thick/thin) on size 15 needles. It’s shaped simply and easily, to be a sort of a rainbow shape.

You can see the shape of the shawl in the teal version drying here on two sweater dryers. The teal one is Rio de la Plata, two hanks with leftovers.

The first one is at Rae’s Yarn Boutique right now, the teal will be at Threadbear Fiberarts sometime later this week. I have one more in process, in sand and denim Soho, for Little Red Schoolhouse. And I’m keeping one in Rio de la Plata in two pinks, for me! Well, that’s what I say now but if another shop picks up my pattern line and they carry Rio, I’ll be sending the sample as sure as you’re born.

I’m working on finalizing this pattern right now, there are some wording issues that are really important (explaining two elongated-stitch rows one following the other is an issue when I give more than one possible method of creating the elongated/dropped stitch). I’m working with my test knitter (Diana, my sister in law, has knit two of these already and it’s very helpful that she’s also a writer) to get it clear as day before releasing the pattern. If I need to limit the options to make it more clear, I will do that.

Perfect Hug Shawl by LynnHI’m excited, too, that I found an Adrienne Vittadini thick/thin two-ply yarn (wool and alpaca, yum) at Threadbear. It looks structurally very like the handspun yarn I used for the very first test version of this design. It has exactly the same yardage as the Debbie Bliss Soho. It comes in a gorgeous red and some other subtle colors but I chose the natural gray because it looks so handspun. I think Diana’s working on that one this week (bless her, what would I do without her… she absolutely cranks out samples sometimes).

The good news is that all five of these shawls I’ve assembled so far were less than $40 in yarn, most closer to $25. And they knit up in a day or two. It seems they will be the perfect gift, as well as the Perfect Hug.

(You can see a partial view of me wearing the first version of this shawl. That version which I knit from yarn I spun myself. I got the rovings from Traci Bunkers of Bonkers Fiber. That photo is part of my post about our CD Release Party, June 27.)