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Archive for July 25th, 2006

Guest Blogger

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

I’m over-busy yet again… dyeing 30 skeins of yarn for a special order (I swear I don’t do special orders but I broke the rule this time) takes a bit of focus and a lot of time… so I asked my Mom if I could take an excerpt from her email newsletter and post it here.

Liz TroldahlMom and Fred drove to Minnesota for the same 50th anniversary party Brian and I attended on July 9. From where we live, Lake Michigan (a huge huge lake, more like a sea) is directly in the way of driving as the bird flies. Brian and I went southwest around Chicago and Mom and Fred went north and then west, through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

(She also mentions briefly that she holds a luncheon in East Lansing, Michigan… for friends they know at the mobile home park in Florida where they winter. Folks come from many states/provinces to have lunch and chat, and Brian and I perform music for them as well. It’s a fun time.

Mom is very observant of things others miss. I particularly love her description of the trip up north. But you can read for yourself:

…I have been abundantly busy. Isn’t that wonderful? We left July 6 for Minnesota and drove through the upper peninsula as there are very few trucks that way, and it is fun. In northern WI, there were roads: Love Knot Ln, Everybody’s Rd, Hay Meadow Rd, Squash Lake Rd. There was a “Cheap Seats Sports Bar” and a lot of snowmobile crossing signs. Their trails even have small sized stop signs for them.

At the crossroad town of Laona, WI, there were six bars in the one block of town. A sign in one small town advertised “cold beer and doughnuts”! There was an apple farm that advertised with signs like the old Burma Shave signs. It said: The time is near; so do not fear; the apples so dear; will soon be here. A sign near the drive announced the apples were “ping pong ball size” right now.

The cat tails were brown. There were a lot of flowers on the farms but few vegetable gardens, a lot of deer may be why. Some put electric fences around their gardens. Some parts had very dry land and some places had enough rain. We enjoy eating at mom and pop places and had to make sure we got pasties in the U.P…

…On to my brother in law’s home in Janesville. When we arrived, I came into the house looking for this “really old couple”. It was their 50th wedding celebration the next day. They are a very young looking couple for being married that long.

Lynn and Brian came, too. They sang on Sunday, but had been in Minneapolis on Saturday for the opening at Susan Hensal’s Gallery at a showing of art in knitting. Lynn knit a self portrait. (weblog July 8) I couldn’t believe she would even think to do it. It is wonderful. You can see it on her weblog…

…There were 31 that came to the Coral Gables in East Lansing and out to my home for dessert afterwards. It was a good afternoon.

We had a good meal, The Fabulous Heftones played, next, 25 came out to the house for dessert. We had four from Canada, two from Wisconsin that flew in, and the rest were from all over the middle of Michigan…

The animals have been loving the backyard. There were nine blackbirds eating up a storm. A chipmunk did not want them around, so was chasing them. He was outnumbered, but tried, even jumping up in the bush to chase them. A female cardinal, a blue jay and a robin came to eat, too. Looking out my windows is my live “TV”. I do not feed the birds, I just have a lot of things they like to eat in my yard.

…I’ll bet you are enjoying your summer. We had the first of the green beans.