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Archive for July 30th, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot… Unconventional Blocking

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

It’s so hot here I am noticing it. Now, I’m the one who goes to dance class, everyone else is fanning themselves to cool down and yet my hands are cold as ice.

I like heat. I actually must admit that even I adjust my activity level when it’s hot, but I really want to feel summer. When I worked in air conditioned spaces, I would ask “Where did the summer go?” When I live it, I don’t wonder.

So today I had a bunch of orders, some patterns for 2 of the shops where I work and three packages to mail out. I spent the morning working on a pattern, and early afternoon preparing my orders. At 3:30pm or so, I got ready to go. And realized that the display Perfect Hug shawl I had knit for Linda at Little Red Schoolhouse, I had forgotten to block last night.

Now, I don’t block my knitting in any fancy way. I get it wet, stretch it here and there to even out stitches, and then just smooth it out to dry. I don’t pin or stretch. So I did the unthinkable. I dunked that baby in the sink. I mean, at the moment I thought I’d be driving out of the driveway.

I delayed my trip just a few minutes… tossed the wet shawl in the washing machine and put it on spin dry. I waited until the washer spun out the excess water. I grabbed a large towel and left on my errands. With the damp shawl in hand.

I opened the car which was so hot I could barely put my hand in there until the doors had been open a while. I put the afghans I always carry in the car, on the back seat, and topped them with my towel. Then I stretched and shaped and prodded that shawl and laid it out nicely on the towel. On the back seat of my New Beetle. The very hot back seat of my JoyBug.

I drove the 3 miles to Rae’s shop first. I dropped off a few things, was there maybe 20 minutes. Then I got in the car, and drove to the west side of town (maybe 10 miles if that) where Linda’s shop is. And by the time I got there, the shawl was so dry it was light as a feather and the edges were flapping in the breeze back there.

(For the record, the car was mostly in shade while waiting for me… but I did block the shawl with the inside facing up, just in case the sun could have an effect on the colors in such a short time. It’s knit in a multicolored, lumpy-bumpy yarn that would not show problems readily, anyway. Someone is bound to ask…)

Hey, whatever works!

Sorry, no photo. I forgot my camera in the excitement.