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Archive for July 31st, 2006

Too Hot to Think

Monday, July 31st, 2006

I tell you, my friends… today (Monday) the heat index was well over 100F and this is Michigan. I’m fond of warmth but not oven temperatures. I tried to have a day off but it was too hot to go on the porch in the hammock, even the hammock was sticky and hot. I read a little in my Yarn Harlot book, I knit a little (finished a footie and have only to bind off a shawl I started last week).

Mostly I drank water and iced tea and more water. I made up excuses to run errands where I’d be in air conditioning for a few minutes here and there. I do not like being cooped up in a building with air conditioning, I’m really big on opened windows… but today I gave in. I still have a headache from the heat in spite of the care I took. And tomorrow is supposed to be worse.

Tomorrow I’m going to see if our wireless internet connection will work in the upstairs bedroom where we do have a window air conditioner. We’ll see.

In any case, this all means I didn’t feel like sitting at a computer much today. What I just did was add photos to yesterday’s post. I’ll get photos from Ann Arbor when I can get cooler. Thanks for understanding.

Oh, Rae and Sarah posted their pictures from yesterday already…

Quick Check-In

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Yellow Sub MarinesIt’s late, I’m tired, but I want to check in. I have taken what seems like a zillion photos in two days and will need to sort through what is just the right stuff for the blog.

Saturday night was the night of my 30 year High School reunion. I chose not to go, then I was sad about it when it became too late to join in. Brian was kind enough to take me on a date so my mind would be distracted. We ended up in East Lansing at an outdoor Yellow Sub Marines free concert. (It’s a Beatles tribute band, can you tell?) That was fun. Then we had Indian food (Channa Masala for me… that’s chick peas in a tomato sauce with onions and flavorings, comfort food).

Sunday I spent the day in Ann Arbor. I love Ann Arbor, but I have not been there in far too long. Months and months, really. Of course I went first to the library to hear Stephanie Pearl-McPhee/Yarn Harlot speak and have her sign a book for me. (The inscription is “Obsession is normal.” Gotta love this woman, huh?)

Ann Street Plaza Concert CrowdI got there 20 minutes before the event and was issued to the overflow room. They had some tech problems right at first but in the end we got to see a live “video” of Stephanie as she was talking. She even waved to us, how kind that was. Then we all piled downstairs to wait in line for a signature and a chance to say hello. The library was surprised that the event which started at 2pm was really challenged to close up shop by 6pm. I wasn’t surprised…

There were SO many people there I sort of lost it for a little while until I got situated. There were a lot of folks there I knew… students, colleagues, other designers and bloggers… and unfortunately even though I practice names for new folks I know, and should not have to practice names for those I’ve known for years… I was out of my element and I missed a few.

I’m really sad about that, I really do care and I just am not so good in big crowds. I guess I should not be too bummed, I once even forgot the last name of a friend I’ve literally known for over 40 years. It’s just how I respond to too much visual/sound input. OK. ‘Nuff said there, I guess.

The Andersons Dancing at Ann St.Riin and I went to Zingermans for dinner. I love that place! We talked until past 9pm. Good food, good tea, good company, good knitting-in-public time. One person to pay attention to, and only one. It doesn’t get better than that.

Photos tomorrow. I have one work task for Monday and that is to mail out two skeins of yarn. Then I will play in PhotoShop and see what I can show you. I may just add photos to this post, or maybe I’ll go ahead with extra posts. I’ll know more when I see what photos worked out.

Good night.

Images posted 7/31/2006: 1)The Yellow Sub Marines at Ann Street Plaza, East Lansing. 2)Crowd watching concert, this was only half the crowd if that. 3)The Andersons at right, she’s a dancer of retirement age… they always come to our first-Friday New Aladdin’s dance performances… they were dancing to the band. They are a delightful couple. Notice at left is a woman dancing (swinging) a child. There were so many children dancing, it was wonderful!