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Archive for August 1st, 2006

Riin’s New Website

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

My friend Riin, with whom I had a three-hour dinner in Ann Arbor this Sunday, has a new website. She’s a spinner, and is offering her own handspun. She also has handpainted rovings and handpainted yarn.

The site is called “Happy Fuzzy Yarn” and I think that’s pretty enticing.

In personal news, it’s still humid and hot but for some reason I don’t feel as overwhelmed by it today. I’m sitting quietly drinking my water and trying to do a mailing while distracting myself with everything but a mailing. Good thing I have only one item on the to-do list today. After months of too much to do, it’s nice to have a slower pace on a few hot days.

If I get time, I’ll be going into the basement where it’s cool, and I’ll skein up a dozen or so skeins of Tip-Toe Sockyarn to be dyed as I get time. It won’t be much since my supplier is backordering till this week soonest, but I will dye what I have in stock. One cone. I might as well spend time in the basement this week, I say.

Portrait of a Textile Worker

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Priscilla referred me to this amazing artpiece. It’s a photograph which was translated to a fiber wall hanging constructed of 30,000 clothing labels. Priscilla’s sister knows the artist so she had the honor of contributing some of her own clothing labels to the project.

In a very loose sense, it can be called a quilt. In a very large sense, it is art with no questions attached. (There we go again, the art/craft thing… sorry. You know I say that much of life is art and I leave it at that.) The artist had to translate her photo into fabric by eye… I don’t know how people do it that way. (Debbie New made her grandmother’s portrait into a large afghan by eye, as well.)

I depend on a computer to make my images for me. I think I don’t yet “see” as well as someone who draws or paints. And using a computer is a skill I have on a higher level than many others, so I use that to my advantage. It’s a tool just as a pencil might be… but in a sense it allows my ability to “see” not be as important.

You really must go see this piece: Portrait of a Textile Worker by Terese Agnew of Wisconsin, USA.