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Archive for August 5th, 2006

I’ve Been Blogged… Twice!

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

I got a note from Judy McKinney of The McKinney Washtub Two. She wrote a report of the Evart Dulcimer Festival on their website under “News” and included a photo she took of Brian and I at twilight.

Then I went over to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s website/blog, Yarn Harlot, and found a photo of myself. Kathy tells me I’m famous now. I’m delighted! That just plain was a wonderful day for many of us.

No surprise I’m trying to blog in 5 minutes or less… I spent Friday during the day in Ann Arbor with my brother, Eric, and his wife, Diana. We had lunch at the Syrian deli (Exotic Bakery, which is much more than a bakery) and chatted a long time, then ran over to Knit a Round to get her some yarn to knit me one more sample shawl.

I am delaying the Perfect Hug Shawl pattern a few days so that I can add some different sizes to the shawl. The size I have been knitting is something like a capelet, which is perfect for me on stage and wonderfully compact, for example also a great size for someone in a wheelchair.

But I decided that it may be too open in front for some people to enjoy wearing it. So I am adding another size that meets closer in front, and that one can be knit longer if folks wish.

I’m also adding a “Goddess Sized” version that will be more like a cloak that can fit at least a size 3X without feeling skimpy. I’m knitting one right now and Diana started one today as well.

I think the delay for these options will be worthwhile. I wish I were done, but I’m OK with this change. Bettter to decide that now than wish I’d decided it after the pattern is published.

Friday night we did have our concert with Thomas and Daniel and it was really fun. “Anonymous” the knitter was there but I was the only one knitting. I took photos with Brian’s camera so I’ll show those off when I get the camera from him and have time to process those.

I will be at Threadbear from noon to 5 on Sunday for the “Customer Trunk Show” during the First Sunday Gallery Walk hours. Maybe I will see some of you there? My self-portrait will be there on display, the first time it will have been seen in Michigan.

Photos today are of Brian’s new “ride.” His ’90 Acura was going to need enough repair work that he decided to trade for a newer used car. He ended up with a 1993 Oldsmobile 98. It’s a lovely thing, very well thought out and much better on gasoline than you would imagine. And my Heftone bass fits in the trunk with room to spare. Sort of amazing, since it stands as tall as me or a little taller. Very convenient, indeed. We’ve been calling it the “Heftone-Mobile.”

I’m sure that doing road trips for musical performances will be much more comfy now… I love my ’98 New Beetle, but it was cramped when we did long trips. We had a Heftone, a tuxedo and my gown, all in the back seat trying to co-exist without hurting one another. Every time we would stop I’d go back and try to straighten out my long dress so that it would not perma-wrinkle in transit.

This should be all in the past for a while now. Saturday we will take it for a jaunt on the highway and see how it goes… I anticipate it will be lovely.