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Archive for August 14th, 2006

Watch for Change

Monday, August 14th, 2006

I’m frantically (I wish this word were too strong but I think it is not) getting ready for Michigan Fiber Festival. I leave tomorrow night, I teach polymer clay on Wednesday all day.

I’ve taught polymer dozens of times, it will go great-great-fabulous and I already know that. There is no such thing as a bad day teaching polymer.

It’s not that I’m fussing over, I just always have a crazy day or two before I go on a trip. I love travel, I particularly love Michigan Fiber Festival. I just am a little too tightly wound some days, I guess!

Turkish SocksThen Friday all day and Saturday morning I’m teaching “Design Your Own Turkish Socks.” Now, this could be a month-long exploration so I’m picking some of the simpler options I know to start with. I’ll bring all sorts of wonderful knitted artifacts (I almost can’t believe I have four pairs of socks from Turkey and four Andean hats, among other lesser colorwork-knit items). We can look at the possibilities.

I’ll bring books I have on ethnic knitting, particularly colorwork. I’ll bring more than enough reference materials for my students. I hope they don’t get overwhelmed with all the paper I plan to give them, as much of what I’ll bring will be reference rather than classroom outlines.

And then we will dive in and do some knitting! We will work on mini-socks, as we all know that a day and a half isn’t enough to make a full-sized sock in stranded knitting. Well, at least that’s true for most of us.

I plan to do all sorts of demos of other options they can try once they get a feel for the basic sock. For those who are speedy, they can try a second mini-sock or even a third, or do a fragment to try out a different heel type or something. I’m eager to meet my students and make an adventure together!

Ummm… I have packing to do and I’m typing instead. No wonder I stress out!

Whoops, I Started to Say…
And the meaning of the title today? I’ve got a new blog look coming in the next few days… look for it. I’ll have comments again! A website is never right, never exactly as you like it, never finished, but I’m very happy to be moving in this direction.

OK, back to packing…

Photo: Turkish socks actually knit in Turkey, handspun single-ply yarn and folk intarsia. The structure of these socks is what we’ll be working with first in my class this weekend.