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Archive for August 15th, 2006

Pattern Sale

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Watercolor Bag by LynnHNow comes a blatant advertisement, my friends…Tea Cosies by LynnH

I am heading to Michigan Fiber Festival right now, thus will be shipping all pattern orders I receive while I’m gone, next Monday when I return. To entice you to order (even though there will be a delay in shipping), I offer two special terms this week only:

1) No shipping on any pattern if you order by Sunday at midnight eastern time.

2) If you order five (5) patterns I’ll charge you for only four (4), maximum $24 USD for five patterns including shipping.

First Time Toe Up SockEven though my three new patterns are not listed on my LynnH Patterns page, you can include them in this offer. The new patterns are Bags to Go!, Sassy Summer Handbag, and Perfect Hug Shawl, (all three of them $6 each). YoCushy Blankie by LynnHu can see photos of these patterns by visiting my post for August 11, either by scrolling down on this page or clicking the date on the calendar at right.

First-Time Toe Up SockI will be checking email irregularly until Sunday night, so do not worry if you don’t hear back from me right away. It’s this inaccessibility that is getting you the good deal. You can send me an email to Lynn *at* Colorjoy *dot* com saying which patterns you want, and I’ll send you one tiny invoice for the whole package, rather than you needing to Guitar Trim Hatpay individually using the “buy now” buttons on the web page (which will bill you for shipping, and you don’t want thatWristwarmers by LynnH).

For the record, just in case this changeover to the new server does odd things to my email, I will definitely check mail on Thursday sometime and Sunday night. Hopefully I’ll check more often, but at least those… If you don’t hear back from me at a reasonable time given that information, please write again or send me a comment here at the blog to alert me to the problem. Or send email directly to ColorJoyLynnH *at* gmail *dot* com which is an address I don’t usually use but it will work while I’m at Allegan.

Wowie, Thanks!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

valentine heartThanks to those who have already sent comments. I really appreciate you guys! If you don’t hear from me right away I’ll try to get to you on my slow day at Allegan. They have a wonderful Library where I can check my gmail account if I can’t find a wireless connection somewhere in town.

For those who asked about an RSS feed, the recommended feed is now:


Brian just fixed it so that the old feed should still work, but it won’t be updated as often as the one above.

I appreciate the input on the hard-to-read comments on Mac/IE browser. I’ll have to dig through the nasty code of CSS templates when I get back and have time to slog. We don’t have a mac in house anymore so could not test that. Thanks for letting us know, we could not have known without your notes.

OK, so I’m working on getting to Allegan before dark today. I’ve printed all but one handout for my students, did laundry, packed food and the samples I’ll be taking for my classes. Now I need to pack my clothes, yarn, needles, polymer clay, and finalize that last handout so that I can print it and be done with paperwork.

If you don’t hear from me as much this week, you’ll no doubt hear far too much when I get back.

Big Change, One Day at a Time

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

I’ve moved my weblog to a new host, and with that move I’ve started writing the blog in a different software program. (I had Moveable Type and now I’m using WordPress.)

LynnH with laptopThe most cool thing about this is that I can accept comments again. Woohoo! The second cool thing is that if you have Internet Explorer, you will not have to scroll right to read the text.

I want to make several cosmetic changes to the page (navigation around my site will be at the top of the page, I’ll doublecheck links on the right, maybe rearrange the items at right, maybe also make the text a little wider) but I’m leaving in less than 24 hours for Michigan Fiber Festival and we can’t get everything together before I go.

For the record, Brian is the best. I’m a raving maniac today, with no sleep, weary body from standing up for 3 days in a row, not enough alone time for a good long while, and far too much to do to get packed for five days away from home. I got a lot of it done today and have tomorrow but that’s all.

Meanwhile, I’m being awful to live with and Brian is patiently plugging away at my website changes. He’s the right one for me, my friends. I’m not sure how I got this lucky but I guess it was my turn for good luck.

So why did I change this over at this very-busy moment? Because Lucia/The Knitting Fiend is having a knit-blog contest. There are zillions of categories and you can make up new ones (though being nominated for twenty categories doesn’t sound like a winning strategy to me). And in order to be considered, I had to have comments enabled. So there you go.

I can’t really tell where I fit except perhaps “Most Diverse Fiber Artist.” After all, I hand knit, machine knit, crochet, dye yarn, make felt, needlefelt, embroider, spin, design patterns, write recipes, teach, sing and belly dance. Not that belly dance is fiberart or anything, but it’s diverse. Right?

Of course, Lucia suggested the obvious. Sock blog. Well, if I’ve knit 130 pairs since 2001, I think I can be called a sock blog. Socks are still my passion though I knit them less often than I did before knitting became my profession.

I know I have a lot of loyal readers out there, and for the most part I don’t know who you are. I have been stuck without comments for over a year (I turned them off in November 2004, when I left for Africa). Maybe you’d pop a hello into the comments now… and later perhaps you’d honor me with a vote at Lucia’s blogsite. Voting starts Wednesday the 16th.

Thanks for the consideration.