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Archive for August 27th, 2006

AJ, Guest Blogger

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

AJ in Turkish Sock ClassMy new blogging software has a feature where I can enter posts for the future and they show up on the web on the scheduled date. I’m with Brian in Kalamazoo right now, unable to post.

When I wrote to get permission to quote her in a previous post, AJ (who lives in Wisconsin) sent me this thoughtful article on her experience studying with me this past week at Michigan Fiber Festival. I’m touched and honored that she took the time to write, and that she had such a good experience in my classes. I am going to feature AJ as my guest blogger while I’m out of town. Thanks, AJ!

I have been following LynnH for a long time through her blog. Her work with the Foster Center kids and her artistic talent have both enthralled me. When I saw that she was teaching at Allegan, Michigan, I jumped at the chance to take classes with her, as the drive to Lansing from Milwaukee had never worked out. She was teaching polymer clay, beginning knitting and Turkish socks. Well, I had never worked in polymer clay, I really wanted Turkish socks, and I had been knitting for over 50 years. So . . . I skipped the beginning knitting class and promptly signed up for the other two.

Polymer clay was FUN! I had not imagined what could be done with it. LynnH brought examples of various artists’ works to give us an idea of the range of possibilities. She gave excellent directions (and impressive color handouts), while still letting us be flexible in our productions.

As the day got hotter and the polymer got harder to work, she switched to demonstrating techniques that were not included in the class description. I bought extra polymer clay and will be doing much more playing with it.

The Turkish sock class was everything I had imagined and more. Lynn is an excellent teacher, who is not tied to a rigid class outline, and who welcomes questions. Again, she brought numerous examples and actually let us handle museum quality pieces.

She is very patient with explaining techniques, and worked with us individually as needed, while varying the explanation to fit our personal learning styles. That is a rare quality to find in a teacher, and that type of teacher is one to be treasured.

We each made two miniature (time constraints) socks using the various techniques, and left with a very thick folder of color handouts and a lot of inspiration. (The picture of where to start the heel on toe-up socks would have made the class worthwhile even if I had learned nothing else – but of course I learned a lot more.)

I have to finish several current projects first, but I already have the yarns picked for my full-scale Turkish socks.