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Archive for August 29th, 2006

Day Off Recap

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Before I head into a workday (with a good attitude, I must say), I’m giving you an overview of my lovely day off.

It started with pancakes. I love pancakes. And this time I got the recipe dead-on great. You can not tell they don’t have wheat, milk or eggs. I love buckwheat pancakes and these were perfect. I ate the whole batch alone. I made pumpkin sauce for them but when it got time to eat I chose real maple syrup instead. Recipe at end of post.

If nothing else I must show you this picture. After breakfast, this is how my day started:

Isabel on BikeIsn’t she adorable? This is Isabel across the street, daughter of my friend April. Her Nana gave her this bike just this weekend. She’s not even 2.5 years old, and the bike is a real challenge for her to physically control, so it took two of us adults to push/steer her around the block while letting her think she was in charge . We were exhausted! But it turned out great, she’s just so fun. Fortunately, we dropped off the bike at her house and did a regular walk after that one block.

The weather was changing fast, and the sky was gray even though the predictions had been no rain for 5 days. I went back home and lazed and took a little nap in the bedroom, it was quiet and I enjoyed that. Then I got up and ran the only errands of the day: Post Office and a delivery I made a mile from my house.

I tried to also get to the bank but got stuck in traffic on 127 between the Post Office and the bank at Frandor, and I got to the bank 2 minutes after they closed. Tuesday will work just fine. At least I got to knit on my Fortissima Disco sock while sitting at a standstill on that highway. There was something going on with a truck pulled over on a bridge, it may have been the last bit of an accident by the time I got there.

Since the bank is next door to Rae’s, I popped in there. Suzanne just finished a wonderful shawl in Silk Tweed/Turquoise and it makes me consider lace. I don’t like frilly girl things but this looked more geometric than flowery and the yarn really appeals to me.

Rae and I chatted a bit between closing the shop down and her night class, and I knit more on the sock. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been missing socknitting with all those shawl samples to create. I’m so happy to speed away on these socks. Even on size 0/2mm needles they are really growing because I have no other knitting I’m doing right now.

I went from Rae’s to the bookstore, thinking I’d find a magazine to read while drinking tea at Beaners. It took lots more time than I imagined. This bookstore doesn’t get a lot of traffic and they had something like 7 knitting books, total. I already own all the knitting mags they carry. So I went into the biographies/memoirs and found a book “The Color of Water” which looks really good. I almost never read for entertainment so I hope I’ll get all the way through this one.

I headed over to Beaners, intending to read. I ran into a woman I first met when we were still in High School or even earlier. We chatted until Brian called. He had taken his bike to work so I picked him up (and his bike) and went home for dinner. This is where I made the one mistake of the day. With all that rain I did not feel like running any more errands and we did not find restaurant food for dinner.

Now, I really don’t like cooking dinner. Therefore, I had a less than stellar hour trying to make some sort of salmon patties (I had a can of salmon and I have never cooked it before so I guessed and I guessed wrong). It worked out OK, with tomato sauce, oil-cured black olives, and rice. Not patties but salmon bits and Brian thought it was good… I’ll never like fish in a big way but it was fine. And while cooking I did listen to my new CD by Mad Tea Party, Big Top Soda Pop, which had just come in the mail, so that made it nicer.

Fortunately, my sis-in-law Diana called and she got me into a good mood telling me abouSteppin in It, Sept 2004t her knitting and other good things. I cleaned up the kitchen while chatting with her. I’m not much of a phone person but that was the right timing for a chat!

After dinner, we headed over to the Green Door Lounge to hear our friends, the band Steppin’ in It. Great guys, incredible musicians. Wow. Several times I got all choked up with how great that music was, right there in the moment. Raw energy and talent, which makes it perfect without worrying about what perfection might be.

As I tell the children when we knit… physical things can’t be perfect, but sometimes feelings are. That’s how it was last night at Green Door. Perfect feelings about imperfect but incredible music. OK, there I go waxing poetic but that’s me. I’ll stop now.

It was lucky for us that the night started out a bit slow at Green Door. That meant we got to talk to the guys in the band, one at a time, for a little while. Sometimes at a gig there are so many people who want to talk that it’s impossible to chat with everyone… and of course other musicians understand where fans may not. So sometimes we go and have a great time listening but not much time to connect. This time, we got both.


My day included many of the suggestions you folks sent. I had a nap though not on the porch. I had great food. I drank great tea. I took a walk with loved ones though I missed the bicycle opportunity and hammock because of rain. I enjoyed silence for a long while and music later in the day. I contemplated a book though I read only the cover and the intro thus far. I ate my favorite breakfast. I connected with loved ones. I knit just for me. And I had a good night of sleep at the end of it all. Now I will start the new day with a long bubble bath and then a full day of work.

Oh, yeah… recipe. You like those.

LynnH’s Day-Off Buckwheat Pancakes (Allergy-Free for Me)

1/4 cup Rice Flour
1/4 cup Buckwheat Flour
3/4 cup Oat Flour
2 tablesp. Dark Brown Sugar
1 scant tsp. Baking Soda *plus* 2 scant tsp. Cream of Tartar (OR substitute 2 1/2 tsp. baking powder if not allergic to corn/potato starch)
1/4 tsp. Salt
1/4 tsp. Cinnamon
several dashes Ground Ginger (optional)
dash ground Allspice (optional)
1 heaping Tbsp. Flax Seed Meal mixed with 1/3 cup Boiling Water (can sub one egg if not allergic)
3 Tbsp. “Light” Olive Oil or Soybean Oil (or other unflavored cooking oil)
1-1/8 cup Water

Mix flaxseed meal with boiling water, set aside. Blend all dry ingredients thoroughly with a wire whisk (brown sugar will remain in small lumps, which is not a problem). Add wet ingredients including flax mixture. Mix just until blended, do not over-stir.

If you substitute ingredients, you may need to add/subtract liquid to adjust. You want it fairly thin at mixing time, as it sets up a bit and it’s hard to add water later without losing the bubbles that make pancakes light. Thick pancakes do not cook through very easily.

Preheat a teflon griddle or large frypan (no oil) until a drop of water dances on the surface.

Drop batter (I use a measuring cup) in approximately 4″/10cm circles on hot griddle. When bubbles make it to surface and edges start to dry a little bit, flip over and cook until batter is cooked through. Remove from griddle and place on warm plate with clean cotton towel cover to keep heat in until all pancakes are made. (Or eat at the counter while you make more, why not?)

To serve, add butter/margarine if you like, and top with warm syrup, honey, fruit spread or spiced applesauce. Enjoy!

A Wonderful Day Off.

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

I’m off to go to sleep at 1:59am, my friends. I had a great day.

I had a good breakfast, spent time with a few of the really comfortable people in my life, rested, spent a bunch of time alone, knitted most of a foot on a pair of socks for myself, and ended the day with musical friends.

The weather changed and there was rain, unfortunately. Therefore, my nap was in my bedroom rather than the hammock on my porch. The only other down side was making dinner which was very frustrating but it tasted OK when it was done.

I took a lot of the advice you all gave me. It was good to know I had you on my team. I took photos and will detail the day when I’ve slept a bit.

As I said, right now I’m off to sleep. Tomorrow is a work day. My occasional helper called today, asking if I needed help this week. She’s coming tomorrow around noon to get me jump started on that work I did not do today.

I think I am glad I slowed down for a while. I didn’t feel guilty too often and I do feel rested.

Photos tomorrow…