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Archive for August 31st, 2006

Sweater Weather

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

It’s chilly here, it has been for a few days. I dug out the sweaters and legwarmers. Thursday it did warm up once the sun came out but morning was really chilly.

I know a lot of folks like this time of year, but my body takes forever to realize it’s supposed to switch from cooling off to warming up. Meanwhile I’m sitting here at my desk, bulky wool socks plus legwarmers on, and wrapped in my Ethiopian four-layer handspun cotton blanket (Gahbi) like we did in Ethiopia where there was no thermostat and no furnace.

Brrrr. I guess if I liked being a bit chilled, it would be different. However, I’m the girl who doesn’t feel hot when it’s 86F. (Room temperature is considered 68F and most people consider 80F hot… I can’t find my metric converter gizmo right now.)

It’s a good thing I like wool, isn’t it? I dug out a skein of llama-blend yarn today because I can not find any of the zillion sets of wristwarmers I’ve knit over the years. I didn’t start the wristwarmers yet because it did warm up, but that’s important to get started pretty soon. Now if only I can figure out where I put my alpaca sweater…

Off to bed where I can pile comforters and blankets high. Tomorrow is another day.