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Archive for September 4th, 2006

It Looks Like a Hat!

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Lucy Neatby Equilateral Hat in ProcessWell, Sarah was right, it was pleasant to reknit the triangles I’d made in the wrong direction. (I had not thought ahead as Riin did, when knitting the Equilateral Vest… she labeled each triangle with a numbered piece of paper. So logical!) In the end I finished all 15 required triangles at midnight. First thing Monday when I got up I sewed it together. It looks like a hat now (it isn’t blocked so it’s a bit uneven, but it fits on the corner of the rocking chair on our porch anyway).

Unfortunately, I seamed it one stitch over from where I should have sewed. It did not take long, and I really enjoy working with a sewing needle, so it will be no hassle to do again. It’s actually good for me to make all these hiccups while making a sample for a class. By the time I get it right, I’ll be in good shape to help my students do it easily the first time.

The pattern now gives several options for an edging or small brim. I think I will opt for the smallest of them all. For one thing, I have exactly 5 feet (appx 1.5m) of yarn left from that skein. If I do not have to break into the second skein, I will be delighted. The pattern says I can use a different yarn for the edging so I may go for that.

Lucy Neatby at 2005 workshopAfter the edging/brim it also calls for a lining of a thinner, softer yarn. I have a lot of Debbie Bliss Alpaca/Silk DK yarn from hats I knit last year, so I’m thinking I will go ahead and knit the lining from that. Luxury leftovers, for sure! And significantly softer next to the skin than the Kureyon, which is beautiful in color but rustic in any sense of the word.

I am slowing down on my need to knit nonstop. I heated up those needles for three days solid and now I think I’m ready to do a few other things. We were going to attend a party out of town today but Brian woke up with a bit of a cold so we are staying home and making sure he takes it easy.

I’ve made him some green tea and he’s good about staying on the Vitamin C so hopefully he’ll kick this before we go to Wheatland next Friday. There’s nothing worse than camping for a weekend when you don’t feel well. And we do want to play music and sing a lot, so we are working toward that goal.

Today for lunch I made us some of those incredible pancakes I made last Monday. I can not believe how good they are. I added a little more oil this time but left the rest the way I published the pattern recipe a week ago here. I’ve had my second cup of English Breakfast tea and cleaned the kitchen a bit, the dishwasher is going, and I think I may go back and do some baking later today. I have some good tart apples that are begging to be baked, and if a holiday is not a day where I can spare time to bake, when else will I do it?

At least today is a sunny day, although there is still a chill in the air. I may also take a walk at least around the block. We are heading into long months soon, where I will not want to go outside most of the time. I had better seize the day!

Photos: Hat in progress on porch chair, Lucy Neatby teaching in Lake Orion, Michigan (June 2005).