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Archive for September 16th, 2006

Away from Keyboard (AFK)

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

When I first got online (I think it was February of 1995), I mostly used a local (Lansing-area) bulletin board. We would actually go to each other’s parties, graduations, dinner out or the comedy club as a group… and each night we would chat.

The “Voyager” Lansing chat room was nothing like any I’ve visited since the Internet connected us with the world rather than folks in the same no-long-distance phone area. We really knew one another. In person, not just in text on a screen.

There were a lot of typing shortcuts we used on the chat, because after all, no matter how fast you type it is not as fast as talking can be. Many of those still exist in email lists… LOL (Laughing Out Loud), ROFL (Rolling on Floor Laughing), BTW (By the Way) and others. But one we used a lot because we were “live” was AFK (Away from Keyboard). That meant we had to step away for whatever reason… teapot whistling, person at the door, spouse asking a question, a restroom break.

This weekend it feels that I need to type on this blog, “AFK.” Friday we went north to Lake City, Michigan to the Harvest Gathering. It’s a smallish music festival by the Earthwork Music folks… tons of concerts, on two stages, and many of the audience members are musicians as well. It felt like we knew most everyone there.

Then we got home in time to sleep not quite enough, and get up and go work. I taught First Time Toe Up Socks at Rae’s and then Polymer Clay at Threadbear. Thanks to both shops and all my students, for a wonderful teaching day. I just LOVE teaching and am so very glad we’re back into the teaching part of the year.

From Threadbear I went directly to Altu’s restaurant to meet Brian for dinner. Altu took a minute to sit with us and that was wonderful. Dinner filled me all the way, after a day or two of being hungry most of the time. That woman can cook!!!

On the way home I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and bought some glass beads for stringing into a necklace. I will probably wear it on stage at some time.

I also found myself a copy of the Knit.1 magazine (it’s put out by Vogue Knitting in conjunction with Lion Brand, focused on young/hip knitters). I once knit a top that actually was mostly based on a pattern in this mag… I’m a small woman with curves and an amazing number of the patterns in it actually look like they would flatter my shape given I’m maybe 3 times the age of the focus group.

However, even when I do not want to knit anything from the mag, I find that I enjoy the articles and interviews. I love knitting magazines and this young/small one does not disappoint me, because I don’t need it to be focused on my own style in order for it to entertain me.

Actually when I was at Rae’s today I got a copy of Bonnie Franz‘s Double Exposure book (each pattern is knit up twice, once in a basic/standard yarn and one in a fun/bold version). And when I was at Threadbear I picked up a Rambling Rows sweater pattern just because everyone talks about it and I need to figure out what they are all talking about.

With the book, pattern and the magazine, I’m set for a relaxing time on the couch until I let my eyes droop and just fall asleep right there. Total luxury! After three nights of not enough sleep, my priority is extra sleep tonight.

I do have photos of the festival and my classes. I’m going to take it easy tonight, though… and I’ll get you photos sometime when I’m more alert.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend. Here in Lansing it’s a glorious early-fall weekend thus far. It’s supposed to be warm Sunday. I’m ready!