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Archive for October 3rd, 2006

Musing on a Dreary Week

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

We have had precious little sun lately. I have also been cold. Not that it’s as cold outside as it surely will be in a few months… but that my body is just not yet switched over to warmup mode. I’ve been really contemplating warm socks and over-sock-footies recently.

Hoarding Yet Again

I realized Monday when I went to type in my new pair of socks into my sock log, that I have made 11 pair this year, nine for me. And then I realized that five of them (including the ones pictured in Monday’s post) I have not yet worn.

In fact, I’m sitting with a pair on my lap that I just finished working in the ends (bulky wool/mohair footies for winter) and another pair of experimental low-riding footies in my own Cushy Colorsport yarn, for which I still need to work in the ends. Those ends are the next task on my list. Tonight yet!

OK, I just went away from the keyboard (AFK) and finished the ends. Now I have “new” semi-warm footies (my feet are cold even in summertime) and super-warm footie/slippers. Cool.

I have another pair of alpaca/wool footies waiting for me. I need to knit 140 more stitches on this pair, and I’m out of yarn in this ball. Three rows of ribbing and one row of binding off and they will be done. And I have another ball somewhere. I can’t seem to find it today.

This surely will be solved soon while I’m looking for yarn for something else. The second ball will become a pair of wristwarmers and there is plenty of yarn for that, even if I do take several yards of yarn from that ball to finish the footies. That’s how it goes.

A Plan for a Sassy Bag

I got yarn at Threadbear Sunday after my wonderful ColorJoy Stole class with Delaine. The yarn is Cascade 220 and is destined to be some version of a Sassy Summer bag for their display.

I am very happy with the response to this pattern! It is selling like hotcakes right now. The more I’m in this business, the more I learn that I know nothing. You think you know what will be the next big item and you end up wrong. No problem, I can go with the flow… I thoSassy Bagught Perfect Hug would be bigger (maybe it still will be when it gets colder outside) and was not at all sure how the smallish felted purse would do. Gangbusters! Go figure.

Therefore, more samples of this pattern will be just the ticket. Threadbear sells so much Cascade 220 for felting it’s the logical next experiment. Little Red Schoolhouse has 2 samples and Rae’s just got a second sample. Now the Boyz will get their second sample. Sometime, that is. When I feel like starting something new instead of finishing old projects. Because finishing things is really driving me right now and that’s a good thing!

Wearing My Creations
OK, back to unworn socks. I just put on my green bulky Lamb’s Pride footie slippers. They are toasty warm over my other thinner wool socks. And I commit to wearing one pair of socks tomorrow that I have not worn yet. I’m hoarding again. That’s not a healthy habit. After all, you can’t take ’em with you… right? Might as well try to wear them enough that they might wear out.

My Sweetheart Needs More Socks

I must admit that it should be time for me to knit Brian a pair very soon. I have started at least 2-3 pair for him and they sit there singing in the corner trying to catch my attention. Tangled up with other ignored projects, of course, so it’s easier to start a new pair than untangle. But I need to do that for my sweetheart.

After all, Thursday is our 10th anniversary. He still is the sunshine in my existance. He definitely deserves some new socks. (His old ones are literally starting to wear through and need darning… and I’ve only darned a few pair so far.) I won’t be able to finish his socks (he likes fingering weight yarn and his feet are larger than mine so they take longer to knit) for the anniversary but I can at least take time to dig them out by Thursday.


Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

I appreciate the kind comments from everyone. I’ll get that photo to Yvonne as requested, when I can dig out the original from Bloomiefest 2005.

I remember that maybe it was 2005 when all of us at Bloomiefest got a gift pattern from Yarnfairy, a thicker-yarn sock with a very short cuff that included a funky furry yarn. I need to dig through my patterns (they are all thrown into one big box with no logic at all, unfortunately) and find that pattern.

It would feel good to knit her pattern, and I truly do need warm sockies like that this time of year. I wear through 2 or 3 pair of fat warm socks every winter (I don’t like slippers so I wear fat alpaca (or wool/mohair) footies on top of my other socks during cold weather). Why not make one pair from my friend’s pattern? Must dig, must dig…