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Archive for October 4th, 2006

Slowly Forward

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

There is something related to my needing to cook 90% of my meals now (after a lifetime of enjoying quality foods at family-owned restaurants), that means I need to focus on the house more. I’m not domestic… that is a significant understatement. I don’t enjoy cooking or cleaning though I admit I like the results after I’ve put in the effort. I have structured my life to not have much maintenance… no pets, children, houseplants. And now I can not avoid the cooking any more.
For some reason this makes me look at my whole home/lifestyle. I’m trying to simplify my environment to make the extra tasks fit in my life better. So today I threw away 3 pair of shoes I’ve had, one of them since 1985. Shoes I’ve not worn in so long I can not remember.

And then I cooked a wonderful dinner, and I cooked too much on purpose so I can just heat it up later. And there was not one place in the freezer I could put it. The freezer was full of food I put in there when I cooked, before I became allergic to so many foods.

So Brian and I braved the cold, literally, in the freezer. We regained a sinkful of covered glass dishes. We discovered what was in there that I’d bought relatively recently. And we put in the leftovers from today.

I did work toward dyeing yarn today, by grouping yarns in nylon net bags (for soaking, which is the first step before applying dye). My helper could not come today so after that point I changed gears and worked on the house and catching up on several errands. I think it was a decent choice.

I also wore the footies of my own Cushy ColorSport yarn, today. I finished knitting them on August 5 but I just worked in the loose ends last night. They feel good. I think this is the first time I’ve worn my own handpainted yarn. It’s such a luxury, you know? The yarns are for sale, not for use. I’ve knit with them for samples but have not worn anything before. I like these very much.
I’m having a hard time letting myself imagine wearing my new sunny socks. I need to still work in the ends and then take a deep breath and put ’em on. They *are* an artform but they are also intended to be worn. I’ll get over it.

It looks as though I never posted a photo of the footies here. Drat, one more assignment I need to do. Sigh…