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Archive for October 6th, 2006

It was a lovely day.

Friday, October 6th, 2006

Thanks to so many of you who commented and supported us on our 10th wedding  anniversary. Yes, we’re really lucky folks and we know it. And having friends like you makes us a different sort of lucky. You are the best.

We had a good anniversary. Word was out that I had a personal holiday and when I showed up at Rae’s for Thursday pair135brianstrsmall.jpgnight knit in (where my last week’s students were there with questions I needed to answer) they were surprised. Brian and I both work after dinnertime almost every day. We went to dinner around 9pm, so work and fun co-existed in the same day. Which is how I think grownups do these things, right?

I knit Brian a pair of socks for our special day (he got me 2 music CDs). I used Socks That Rock heavy weight so that I could knit fast. Both Brian and I have narrow feet so with fat yarn his sock was 40 stitches around. Talk about fast knitting! As in, I bought the yarn at 4:30pm on Tuesday and I worked the last yarn end in around 8:00pm on Thursday.

There is enough yarn left over to knit me a pair, also. On 32 stitches, a very quick knit if I ever saw one! I’ve already knit one sock (toe up with afterthought heel) with about a 4″/10cm cuff height. I then left that one on the needles and started the toe of a second one from the other end of the ball. This way I’ll get my full value out of that ball with no leftovers. At the end I’ll just keep knitting back and forth between the two socks until I run out of yarn. Woohoo!

I don’t feel 100% healthy right now, there are so many colds going around I think I’m working on deflecting a few right now. I tried to take a nap today but the phone rang downstairs. Again. So today when buying cardstock at Staples I picked up a phone of a sort I’d not seen before. It has one base which plugs into the wall jack downstairs (and the electrical outlet as well), and then another base upstairs that needs only electricity, but it’s an extension that receives transmissions from the downstairs base unit. So I can put in an upstairs phone without 50 feet of phone cord trailing down the stairs.

Cool, huh? (OK you knew about these phones 5 years ago perhaps, but I don’t shop often and it was new and wonderful when I saw it today.) Maybe now I can answer phone calls when I’m upstairs without bolting downstairs only to get there after the telemarketer already hung up. Ya know?

Anyway I coulda used a nap today to fight off this achey whatever it is I’m fighting. Tomorrow I stay home during the daytime and work on the yarn biz. Maybe I’ll get something accomplished? You never know.

Oh, happy birthday to my Mother in Law yesterday, and my knitting-fiend sis-in-law Diana/Ottergal today. Great folks!