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Archive for October 9th, 2006

Bliss Blood of The Moonlighters

Monday, October 9th, 2006

I met Bliss Blood originally in the Pocanos at a Ukulele festival several years ago. We reconnected last year at the NYC Ukefest, when my table was next to hers and we sat watching our CDs (and selling each others’ CDs when one of us needed to get away or go on stage).

nycstreet.jpgBliss is a knitter and crocheter as well as an amazing musician. We hope to schedule a public knit/crochet in at the next NYUkefest in April 2007.
On stage she is focused but not rigid… and I’ve never seen her blow a chord (oh yeah, I do that with regularity but with a smile on my face). She does music full time and it shows, she is a pro and then some.

She just left a comment last night (on the Anniversary post) so we had a few emails go back and forth. Brian made sure I let her know that her “Live in Baden Baden” CD was in the CD player at the moment her comment hit my inbox. It’s definitely one of my fave discs and I put it on repeat when I need to dye yarn, it keeps me upbeat and moving forward.

She is actually in several bands, most with a focus on music from the 1920’s and 30’s. The band we see is called The Moonlighters. If you love to hear folks sing in harmony, this will be your sort of treat! She and Carla sing like songbirds together.

If you are in/near NYC, you can get on her email notice list and go see the band perform. They often play Barbes and the Rodeo Bar.

There are some MP3s you can listen to if you go to her website. Check it out: BlissBlood.com

Photo: I swear I took photos at the Moonlighters’ performance in NYC but I can not find any shots on my hard drive. Here’s a street scene not far from the Theatre… a poor substitute for a photo of the band (which includes two beautiful women and two fine men) but at least it gives you a feel for the neighborhood. (I could live there in a second, if it didn’t cost 5 times as much for a one-room hole-in-the-wall as my house here…)

Fall is Here in Lansing, Michigan

Monday, October 9th, 2006

mthope2fall2006.jpgThe other day I had errands to run and not a lot of time, but it’s so beautiful here I had to slow down for a moment. I pass the Mt. Hope Cemetery almost every day, sometimes several times in a day. I’ve taken photos of it from across the street several years in a row, because the fall colors are so beautiful. This time I decided to drive in and see it up close.

Wow. Lansing has very few hilly areas but this cemetery is full of hills and valleys. And it’s very old so many trees are mature, with mthope1fall2006.jpgmuch variety offering many colors this time of year. R.E. Olds’ family mausoleum is in this cemetery, as are plots for many of Lansing’s early families. I saw headstones that bore last names from many of our city parks, for example.

It’s a very big place, much bigger than I imagined from the outside looking in. There was a woman there jogging with her dog but we were the only ones there on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I’m glad I took the time.

Brian Made Soup! Yum!

Monday, October 9th, 2006

I feel lucky. I worked Sunday, had three different engagements that kept me busy from before noon till 9pm. I got home and Brian had chopped up a zillion veggies we’d bought at various farmer’s markets, and made soup with a little leftover chicken.

summerslastrose06.jpgThere is something really big to me, about having someone cook for me. Come home, dish up soup, eat dinner. No fuss, no delay. OK… load dishwasher, but that is nearly nothing next to cooking.

After dinner I did end up making some brownies to freeze and some one-layer, unfrosted cake to snack on in the next few days. At least a snack is not necessity… you need not *bake* to survive but you had better cook real food… you know?

I have not had such a snack instinct (in years, anyway) as I have had since I can’t just buy a snack anymore (because of food allergies). I figure if I know I have something in the freezer (I froze brownies once before and it worked very well), I may not crave a treat just knowing there is abundance. It’s the feeling of scarcity that makes no snacking hard to take.

Mind you, I went 3 years with no sugar once so I can do without and I know it. But honestly, in the last 10 months I have been hungry too much. I find myself on the road with no option other than to wait for food another several hours.
So when Brian made soup? Oh, he gained many many good karma points with his beloved. And there are three bowls of soup left, one for lunch tomorrow and two for the freezer for later days.

Nothing like a freezer full of easy-to-eat food, to make me comforted. Yup, I got the right guy in so many ways.

And this coming week we have three musical performances in three days. Two are private engagements, one a formal dinner and one a party in someone’s yard. Friday is a public event, at Magdalena’s Teahouse in Lansing. But you knew that one already, if you read here much.

We have such fun singing together! It will surely be a great week.

Photo: I took this photo at a garden at Michigan State University on Thursday. It may be the last week for roses here, but I can call this one “Summer’s Last Rose” even if that is a bit of an overstatement. It sure was beautiful!