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Archive for October 10th, 2006


Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

I taught (Computers to Adults) in Haslett Monday night and by the time I was leaving the room I had a major headache. That’s the third week I’ve had this happen in that room.

This time I got home and I had only enough energy to eat dinner that Brian made and fall asleep on the couch. Significantly before Midnight. When I usually stay up till at least 1:30am.

I slept until 10:40. (I awoke once at 8:30 but my head still hurt so I went back to sleep.) The elephant is no longer standing on my head, but there is a sort of shadow of the pain and I need to move slowly. I’m drinking some strong tea which can be miracle stuff for this sort of pain, and I will go get spicy chicken from Altu’s restaurant for lunch. That stuff is serious medicine, with garlic and ginger and spices… all healing stuff.

I am really in crunch time. On Saturday I’m selling my yarns at Threadbear Fiberarts (there will be several vendors there including my friend Trish Bloom). I do have one full bin of Cushy Colorsport, ready to go. And I’ve had about 3 dozen skeins of sockyarn skeined up and ready to dye, for far too long… but my life has been fairly complicated and I have not found time for dyeing. I was going to start with it last night so I’d have dry yarn today to skein up when my helper comes.

citykidz100506.jpgHowever, I’m not in charge of many things. I needed a “sick day” and I took one. The timing was not good, but health comes first. I’ll do what I can today. And I’ll have yarn Saturday, though I don’t know how much I’ll have. If I have time, I’ll bring some handpainted sweaters as well. That was the plan but now we will see.

Off to take a long hot bath. That is the best medicine I know. Then food from Altu. On the way home I’ll get an allergy shot, and then I’ll go at the work. Sort of like rebooting the computer, isn’t it?

Photo: These were two of my knitters at CityKidz Knit! program, at Foster Community Center last Thursday. We started again last week after a whole long summer off. I love my kidz!

MSU Gardens

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Last Thursday, Altu had a special guest from North Carolina come into town. The three of us went to MSU Gardens and then out for lunch. We had a wonderful time.

msugardenrosepath.jpgThe gardens are beautiful every time of the year. I just love seeing how colors look next to one another, and how nature can serve up such a splendid rainbow just in the plants.

The rose garden was still blooming profusely (I showed you a close up photo of one bloom a few posts back). It seems so chilly these days, I was surprised to see how healthy those roses looked. My father and his mother both loved roses, particularly red ones. I can not see roses without thinking of them. They would have loved this. It’s not as formal or as large as the Frances Park rose garden (which goes back to the 1920s) but every bit as colorful.

The main entry to the gardens from the parking lot has amsugardenwalkway.jpg semi-circular area with benches, protected from midday sun when we have some. Actually this day was fairly sunny, but it was chilly enough that we did not need shade.

There are also walkways around the areas, which would seem to make the gardens pretty accessible to someone in a wheelchair. I sometimes feel sad in natural beauty areas because they can be so clearly inaccessible. (Fenner Arboretum in Lansing has one long path that is paved, but the Nature Center in Kalamazoo looked relatively hard to manage if one was in a chair.)

msugardengazebo.jpgThe entry to the rose garden is a wooden structure painted white. I guess it might be called a covered gate. It must have a real name but I can’t come up with one.

There is even a water fountain, which was still in operation. In this area, fountains havemsugardenoverwall.jpg to be drained for winter weather, and we’re expecting some cold this week so maybe we got in on the last few days of the fountain this year.