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Archive for October 11th, 2006

So Busy!

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Well, the headache comes and goes but it’s much better than a few days ago. It really helps me to eat Altu’s spicy chicken so I ate it for dinner again tonight.

Last night I dyed 9 colorways of Tip-Toe sockyarn and overdyed two 100gm skeins of Cushy ColorSport. Tonight I plan to dye a good number of sockyarn skeins in Seaside, my beloved best-selling colorway. By the time those go in to steam, I’ll be busy re-skeining all the yarn I dyed yesterday.

Seaside colorway, Tip-Toe sockyarn by LynnHYou should see the house, I have yarn drying everywhere! There are not enough sweater dryers in this house for all the yarn and so it’s hanging from doorknobs or whatever I can find. Pretty amusing, really.

OK, off to make Seaside again. Then rehearse, then skein yarn. And skein and skein. And print labels. And sleep? Last night I slept fitfully, had two odd-to-frightening dreams. I’m accustomed to sleeping well but this beautiful time of year is always hard on my system. This, too, shall pass…

Meanwhile I’m drinking in all the beautiful colors! I tried some new dyes last night, and I mixed a bunch of colors off the cuff that turned out nicely. This means I won’t get that color again even if I try, but that is the fun of being an artist, isn’t it???

Photo: my last batch of Tip-Toe Sockyarn that I dyed in the Seaside Colorway. It was last spring… time flies!

Much Better.

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Well, it was a slow-starting day for me but Tuesday turned into a productive one after all. I still had a pretty bad headache at 5pm but I was able to start doing a few things at home in the afternoon. Routine stuff like laundry and running the dishwasher, anyway.

I decided an allergy shot was a really smart move (I didn’t get one lpeonyskyrainbowfeathered.jpgast week and my headaches are usually mildew related… with leaves on the ground and occasional rain, this is not a good time to miss allergy shots). So I went to the allergist and I went to Rae’s to pick up a special order. And then I played my best ace in the hole, so to speak. I went to Altu’s for dinner.

So at 5:20 I ate spicy chicken. This food has garlic, ginger, onion, and hotter peppers than this girl usually eats. But I know that this food that my dearest friend cooks, is made with love and skill, it tastes great, and it has many healing ingredients in it. So I sniffle and I eat, and it’s really good in spite of the heat.
Between the allergy shot, the spicy chicken, and some ibuprofen, I felt much better by 6pm. My helper really cranked today, she was only here a little over 2 hours but she got a lot done (she skeins yarn from cones so that I can dye it). I headed down to the studio… finally… to put color on pale yarn.

At 11:45 I stopped so that I could rehearse with Brian, and I have merely 10 skeins left to dye. They will all be in the Seaside colorway which I’ve done so many times before it should go quickly. I think that will have to wait until Wednesday morning now. But I currently have 9 colorways of my Tip-Toe sockyarn cooling slowly (so as to make sure the dye sets well) and that will make 10 colorways for the Saturday show at Threadbear Fiberarts.

Directions to the Saturday Sale

Karla wrote to ask where Threadbear is, she might make it here for Saturday (and maybe others are also wondering). It’s on the west side of Lansing (Michigan). Take highway 496 to the Waverly exit and head north (turn right if you are coming from downtown Lansing or east of town). You will go through a light (St. Joseph) which has a couple of gas stations and a Quality Dairy. On the right side you’ll see a Burger King and then an ice cream place. The ice cream place is the last building before the parking lot for the strip mall where Threadbear is.

Threadbear is the furthest north/left business in the strip (they do not have a sign out front, but there is a quilt shop and auto parts store also in the complex). If you get to the pet hospital you have gone too far.

The sale is from 10am to 5pm. I’ll be sliding out of there fairly quickly at the tail end, because Brian and I have a private musical performance the same night.

I would love to see as many of you as possible. Do let me know if you read this blog, especially if we have not met before.

Photo: One Half-Pound skein (of 2 in stock) of Peony Sky Rainbow colorway, Cushy Colorsport DK-weight washable merino. I love this colorway!