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Archive for October 14th, 2006

Yarn and More Yarn

Saturday, October 14th, 2006

I have two more skeins to re-wind before I can stop and start putting labels on the wound and twisted skeins for Saturday’s sale/event.

yarntangle.jpg I have more sockyarn that isn’t re-skeined but I have a decent sense of what usually sells and I’ve prepared more than is needed for a one-day sale. I’ll take along the dyed but not prepped yarn, in a box in the car, in case someone wants more of a colorway than I’ve wound, but this is somewhat unlikely. Most likely, the yarn in that box will become yarn for those of you out there reading who can’t make it to the sale (hi, Deb!).

You know, no matter what you do to make things work out you find hiccups in the process. I had over 50 skeins dyed, and I have 33 I’m taking skeined, twisted and labeled. Two more skeins I planned to take had flaws in the yarn that were not apparent until I was reskeining after dyeing. I guess I get to keep those skeins and make them into samples, but it was disappointing to get 3/4 into a skein and realize that the time I’d spent on that could have better been spent on something else.

Here is a photo of a skein that actually was rescued from the discard pile. Its only problem was that it wound itself incorrectly on the skeinwinder (about 1/4 of the way through but I did not notice until I was ready to pop it off the winder). I had to unwind much of the skein onto the floor in a relatively orderly pile (yes, really, that mess was easy to rewind back where it came from no matter how awful it looks in the photo). That one is now ready to go.

I’m printing labels as I type this. It’s nice to sit down for a little while, as my skeinwinder works best when I’m standing up. I will love every moment of sleep tonight!

I hope to see a few of you at Threadbear Saturday. The sale is from 10-5 (and for once I’m leaving at 5pm on the button because of a musical performance).