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Archive for October 15th, 2006

Incredible ColorJoy Sunset

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Alda of the Iceland Weather Report blog, posted the most amazing sunset picture.
One word: Wow.

A Quick Photo and a Sad Story

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Here’s a photo of Brian and me at the Lansing Country Club last Thursday. We got there significantly early so they put us in the dining room to wait, which we had to ourselves. I propped the camera on a planter and set the timer to get this photo. I think it’s pretty good considering how it was taken!

fabheftonesatclub20.jpgI’m wearing my Bloom Shawl in a Multicolor (slowly color-changing) turquoise brushed mohair. I love this shawl, I wear it almost every day. Until yesterday. Somehow when I took it off at Threadbear, there was what looked like a 2″ cut with scissors from the crochet edge toward the neck.

It’s pretty bad, my friends, with a cut through both the crochet and knitting. I am good at knitting repairs for sweaters and dense garments, but this is as airy as lace and I don’t know how I’ll hide ends even if I did find the right section of the multicolored yarn to match it. (I am pretty sure I have a half a ball of the yarn somewhere in my stash.) I’m heartbroken.

I don’t have to figure it out today. Maybe for now I should get out my fuschia multicolor yarn, same yarn but different colorway, that I bought but never worked up into another Bloom shawl. The fuschia would go with most of what I wear… nevermind that I love turquoise best of all.

Today I do not have to decide what I will do. Today I have many other shawls I can wear. And I can finish the hot green/light turquoise stole I just re-discovered, which needs maybe an inch or two of knitting to be done.

I am Not in Charge

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Letting Go

My favorite mantra, when things happen and I can’t control them, is “I am not in charge.” It’s sort of a one-line simplification of the Serenity Prayer, one version of which is:

“…grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.”

Its essence boils down to… I can’t change much, and if I can’t, I need to let go. Or, if I’m not in charge, I need to not try to control things. It’s an acceptance of the natural powerlessness which is much of life. For me, it lets me save my energy for those times when it really does matter what I do or say.

So today my brother Eric and his wife Diana both woke up with a bad cold. So much for family Thanks-Christmas today. I talked to Eric and we worked out another date for the event. Now I have two pies and new plans.

A Simple Meal, Good Company

Mom is going to have Brian and I come over for chicken stir fry dinner, but not a long family day. She has been planning and cleaning and grocery shopping and cooking. Not a fancy meal, but it still required thought, and Mom plans better than most.

So Mom and Fred and Brian and I will enjoy a dinner together. That way I can let go of one pie anyway! Mom and Fred can have any leftovers.
Baking Once More

I put a little coconut milk in the pie (instead of all soy milk) so that it might set up a little better. I can not believe how lovely the pies look, cooling in the refrigerator.

I’ve become the queen of allergy-free baking and this recipe keeps evolving. I think the crowning glory of my baking/ recipe-writing experiences is the pumpkin pie made with no egg or milk. I mean, pie that is so good that people with no food limitations eat it and really enjoy it as though it were made normally. My buckwheat pancakes are really good, too, but the pie amazes even me. Custard with no dairy or egg. Cool!

Lazy Day Thus Far

So far today I’ve had a wonderful, lazy and relaxing day. I slept till NOON (wow) which still leaves me one hour short from the night before but I feel good. Then I made tea and read a whole knitting magazine from cover to cover. I enjoyed the magazine so much, the tea was almost cold by the time I remembered it was there.

Then I made buckwheat pancakes for the two of us. These never cease to satisfy. That little kid inside of me never tires of pancakes!
Now I’m filling the tub for a nice long bath. We have a claw-footed tub, the best thing in a house of this age. I love long, hot baths and this tub makes me really happy. Since I’m not very tall I can get really warm in this very deep tub.

Knitting Plans

I thought I’d lost a shawl in progress (almost done, actually) and was sad because I’d wanted to wear it Friday for the Magdalena’s show. Well, darned if I found it put away where it should have been all along. So I hope I’ll finish that today after the bath. Maybe even before we go to dinner at Mom’s.

As Zen as I Get

I’m all for letting go sometimes, and giving in to what is. I’m not in charge of weather or nature or illness. I am in charge of my attitude given whatever circumstances are in front of me. And when I’ve had enough sleep, “I am not in charge” is a wonderful phrase of letting go to the moment. It’s not exactly zen, but it’s pretty good for a typically over-charged artful woman like me.

I hope you get some time with those you love today, and a little time with whatever activity makes you happy… be that music, sports, knitting, cooking… eating. Yup. I’m going to really enjoy eating that pie!!!

Time to Rest

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

I had a great time at the Threadbear special event on Saturday. Thank you so much to those of you who came out to see me. It was worth all the hustling and staying up late and worrying.

And for those of you out there waiting, there are still plenty of skeins left for you. In fact, none of my new colorways sold out. Things sold very evenly between colorways, surprisingly.

Apair136small.jpgfter the sale, Brian and I had a private musical performance. Then we went to Altu’s for dinner… and THEN we went to Magdalenas (for not long enough) which deserves its own story if I can find time.

But we went home because I had to make pumpkin pie. You see, my family will have what we call Thanks-Christmas tomorrow. Nothing like getting the holidays over with before it becomes a hassle! I did have a class scheduled for the morning but for several reasons that class will be rescheduled for the two people who had signed up.

This means that I could conceivably sleep in tomorrow for the first time in a really long while… assuming I have the pumpkin pies already made. The (non-allergy) pies I make must be cut after they have cooled so they need a lot of lead time in the refrigerator.

I put the pies in the refrigerator just before 1:00am, which may seem late, but now I can sleep as long as I want tomorrow. I have had a very productive week and I’m glad to say I’m giving myself a day off. Imagine that!

In the morning I can sleep in and laze with my sweetie, maybe I’ll make pancakes for us for breakfast. I’ll plan to take time to look through all my recent knitting magazines. I love to take the leisure of flipping through, being inspired by the photos and reading what delights me.

Then in the afternoon we’ll have a holiday with my family. No gifts, the ability to be together is gift enough (and we’re all trying to lighten the loads in our homes so this is the right plan).

Oh… finally I’m trying to catch up on photos. This is my pair #136, the pair I knit for myself from the leftovers of Brian’s anniversary socks. I still have yarn left!!! This pair was knit toe up with afterthought heels. No, I did not dye this yarn, it is Socks That Rock Heavyweight.