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Archive for October 17th, 2006

Ducks in a Row

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

I’m trying to get my knitting ducks in a row. I have had such a mess here that I wanted to start back knitting on a pair of sox I started for Brian over a year ago… I tried to pick them up to take them with me… but they were tangled so badly with the yarn on the pair of sox for me (yarn was a gift from Cyndy long ago), that I could not get them free quickly enough to take them along.

When I could not grab and run with either of those projects, I ended up grabbing a new ball of yarn. I started yet another pair of sox for waiting-room knitting. As if I need another unfinished project? I do always end up finishing socks but they sometimes do take a while.I also have had a pair of alpaca/wool footies on my desk waiting for me to find 5 yards of yarn to finish the ribbing and bind off. And countless other longer-ignored items… such as my Knitting Olympics vest that needs only about 1/3 of the front pieces reknit, my equilateral vest, Alpine sweater and my ribbon cap sleeve top, a funnel neck needing seams, a few wraps/stoles where I bought yarn and a dream but have never even started, and, and, and, and…

So Sunday when I gave myself a day off I spent an hour or two after dinner just looking through my UFOs (un-finished objects) to see what was up in the air. I found the alpaca/wool and finished footie #2. And I found a red ball of sockyarn. Destined for a tie I promised a friend maybe a year ago.

Well, I have some old pattern booklets from 1932 to 1949 which were given to me by my beloved student Helen (may she rest in peace). I have been wanting to knit something from these books to honor her memory. She did in fact give the patterns to the right person.

So I dug through the books and found a tie that was intended as a standard argyle pattern (three colors of yarn). My friend wants red, not three colors. So I started him a stockinette tie where I am purling the stitches which would have been the accent lines and/or the edges of the argyle patterning.

It looks pretty good but at 60 stitches wide on size 0 US /2mm needles, it is going really slowly. Especially when it is knit back and forth, where half the stitches are purls and I have to keep watching to see when I’m supposed to do the next accent stitch.

Other people do knit/purl patterning all the time. It’s what they like to do when they knit. Me? I’m miserable. It’s the most tedious knitting I’ve done in a long time.

The tie is going to be great and I’m going to continue working on it, but ugh. I honestly think my self-portrait was more enjoyable knitting… at least it had more color in it. OK, I didn’t know if it would work so there was tension in the air but that was not about the knitting process as much as the end result.

citykidz101106buttonscarf.jpgBut hey, I have made a promise. It took so long to find the exactly right fingering weight solid red yarn, that I need to get on it now that all the stars are in alignment.

I’m sort of wanting to get as many loose ends tied up as I can, because I sense another design-a-bunch-of-patterns phase coming on fairly soon. And designing takes so much emotional/intellectual energy that I want to make as many of these almost-done items into finished items. To take a few distractions away from my cluttered though enthusiastic mind, you know???

Now I have to go do a publicity packet and a confirmation email for our musical act, and then I get to sleep a while. Life is never boring in ColorJoyLand!

Photo: Not related to this post other than knitting content. One of my CityKidz from Foster Community Center (5th grade) made this button scarf for herself in 2 days last week. It was made with donated yarns, a plain worsted weight acrylic and a super soft nylon furry yarn held together. She’s delighted with how soft and warm it feels.