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Archive for October 19th, 2006

Where does the time go?

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

I just don’t know how I get this busy. I do get a full 8 hours of sleep most nights, but then from the moment I wake up until midnight or so, I’m booked solid.

Last night when I got home from dance rehearsal I think I did not sit down for about 30-40 minutes after I got home. I think this is a temporary thing but it is very tiring!

What do I do? I did not cook dinner yesterday although I did prepare breakfast and pack a lunch. I did not do any laundry or other cleaning. I did write a blog and edit a single photo for that.

grandriverfall2006.jpgI had to go to a doctor’s office to pick up something, had to go to the post office, grocery store, teach CityKidz, take a dance class, rehearse with Habibi dancers, then for dinner we dancers went to Emil’s restaurant because one of our dancers is moving north and it was her last night with us.

The only thing in that list that took more than one hour is the rehearsal. It seems to me that I didn’t do much, especially since only two of those hours were for pay. But I did pay two bills online in the morning, and I had to call to activate my new debit card, all of which took a little time.

Today I have to get an allergy shot and drop something off at a shop. Then I have my weekly lunch with Altu (relaxing but it does have a timeframe when I’m expected) and three hours at Foster Center, with CityKidz and computer lab supervision.

After that I go to Rae’s to watch the cash register for a couple of hours during knit-in time, while Rae is working backstage at Wharton Center. I usually go there for knit in on Thursdays anyway, as many of my loyal students knit there and they often have questions on their current LynnH/ColorJoy project (they flatter me by knitting my patterns often). Right now a handful are knitting Perfect Hug shawls.

So here I sit at 12:04. I need to be at Altu’s at 1:00. Already this morning I have confirmed two musicians for Altu’s restaurant and sent a press release to the papers and DJs, I’ve sent a thank you email and confirmed a meeting with a friend, another email to try and reschedule a class, and replied to a thank you by a woman who had hired us to sing for her party last weekend. And I’m writing this (and edited the photo above).

I’m not dressed, and I need to take half an hour to get an allergy shot. I’m SO glad I live right in town and it doesn’t take me a half hour commute as it did for the dozen years I lived in Williamston. I love being right in the middle of my world.

Friday I have the day off. All I have scheduled is to drop off a shawl at Threadbear, coffee/lunch with Sharon P., and perhaps I’ll go to the musical Pippin at Wharton Center. I was in Pippin in Lansing around 1991 or 92 and I loved being in that show. It’s lots of singing and dancing, a lot like Godspell, a real 1970’s sort of show. For this child of the 70’s it is heartwarming, like coming home.

At least today offers many opportunities to knit. I’m finding I can’t knit the tie with anyone around, but the socks are coming right along as could be expected. When they look like something I’ll have photos.

For now, though, I’m off and running to get everything done for Thursday. Catch you later.

Photo: the Grand River yesterday. Note the typical Lansing cloudcover. Some days we can not tell where the sun is in the sky, but this photo makes it look quite mystical and beautiful. I wish you could see the colors of the trees better, but the sky took over in this shot.