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Archive for October 20th, 2006

Anatomy of a Day Off

Friday, October 20th, 2006

I did it. I stayed away from home from noon to 11:30pm. I had a good day.

First I slept 8 hours. Left almost no time to dress and go to lunch so I did a quick “dunk” in the tub rather than a leisurely bubble bath. Just the same, feeling clean and refreshed, if quickly, is important to a good day off.

Lunch with Sharon. Quite decent salad, adequate tea, wonderful company.

Knitting with Sharon. Knitting with Rae. Chatting with other knitters.

Completed knitting a full pair of wristwarmers… well, short of 7 stitches in the last warmer’s bind off. I ran out of yarn binding off the second one (even after three splices from ends I had on the footie socks and the cast on ends). Still contemplating whether I’ll rip out the bind off plus a row for both and then re-bind off… OR if I’ll take Rae’s suggestion to bind off with one row of a contrast color… OR if I’ll find a fun novelty yarn and do a short cuff of funky color before binding off in the fun yarn.

Went to Altu’s restaurant for dinner. Chatted with her very fine husband while eating the best lima beans in the planet.

Spent 10 minutes at the grocery store on the way home. My fave cashier was there so I was happy to say hi to him. The cashier that cashed me out used to be one of the computer Kidz at Foster Center. He went and grew up and got a job. How dare he! He was very polite and efficient.

Took groceries home, changed sweaters, went to Wharton Center. Play was fine. Some of the dancing was total New York/Fosse-style dancing and I ate it up. Honestly, the play was really fun to be in but the plot is sort of odd. The singing/dancing pulls it all through, and the costumes were fun to watch, as well.

But the great fun surprise with the show was… the part of Charlemaigne was played by Mickey Dolenz! Oh, my! He was my hero in the late 1960’s. He was in The Monkees. He was the fun one. He smiled, he laughed, he didn’t take things too seriously. Between the Fosse-style dancing and the ability to watch Mickey Dolenz act (just fine, I may add), well, that was worth $32 to sit in the nosebleed-high seats, back row of the balcony.

Now it’s midnight and I’m going to rehearse a few songs with Brian. Not a full rehearsal but just a few that need rehearsing every night while we nail them down cold.

And I’m drinking tea. Really good Ceylon tea from a box which has arabic writing on it. Really good tea. Tea makes me happy, have I said that lately? I mean, tea is really a simple pleasure but it brings happiness. It’s as good or better than a ball of alpaca, depending on my mood.

Off to tune my bass…

Chill or Freeze

Friday, October 20th, 2006

I need to chill out. This can’t keep going. I’m the boss and I’m not giving myself enough down time. The buck stops here, as they say!

I confused my schedule today, and that just is not my style. Sometimes I run a bit late but very rarely for paying work. I know I’m challenged in the “schedule department” so I check my calendar about a zillion times a day. I have a palm pilot on my person when I don’t have my computer (where the calendar “lives”). I am major paranoid about flubbing my appointments, since as you know every day is different for me and many times the same day the next week is also different.


So today I thought it was Wednesday or I thought it was summer or something, and I was 45 minutes off getting to Foster Center. Nobody was mad, they were glad to see that I was safe, but that is just NOT how I do business. (They did have my cell phone number but thought they did not… I had my cell with me.)

My worst nightmares (not figuratively, but actual ones I dream at night) are the ones when I’m supposed to be one place and I’m at another, or I have the wrong day. Then today I did just that. Pooh. I guess it all just has to get better. It is a warning that I need to slow down. Period.

I should have seen it coming… yesterday I accidentally gave my Post Office guy two $20 bills instead of one. I often don’t even carry two $20 bills. They stuck together.

He’s the coolest dude, I do lots of business there (it’s a drive-through post office) and he first just joked that he didn’t think I liked him *that* much. Then he warned me to be careful driving home, “the way your day is going.”


So. Time to turn it around!

Thursday I got home from Rae’s, made a decent quick dinner, cleaned the kitchen (ugh) a bit and sat still for an hour. We rehearsed for a little more than an hour, then I snuggled in on the couch under my Ethiopian blanket and a comforter I made myself back in 1980. And looked through knitting books as I sipped tea.

I enjoyed my books. I checked out the Bev Galeskas book on felted knitting, and then my One Skein book (I must make that tank top with the leftover lace yarns from my self portrait… overdyed of course), and Weekend Knitting.

I wanted to eat the shortbread cookies in the weekend book, but it looked like a lot of work. It takes 5 cups of flour and a pound of butter. It yields 120 cookies. Man, that sounds like hours in a kitchen. I guess I’ll go back to my granola bars or brownies, which don’t require as much labor before putting them in the oven.

I do feel much more relaxed than I’ve felt in a while. Maybe I’m just dead tired, but either way it is good.

Friday’s Plan

OK, checklist: I did my promo/press release work for the week and I only have 2 classes to reschedule (hassle but better than canceling classes) in emails, one which will be settled next week with a single student and one where I’m waiting to hear back from two students. I did my bill paying and invoicing for the week. Dyeing will wait till next week soonest. No musical appointments until Sunday. All the tasks I must do this week are done.

Tuesday used to be a day off for me and this Fall I have not been able to work that out. However, I think I can actually just relax this Friday. I might even go to Pippin at Wharton. The back row seats in the balcony are $30 (ouch) but it’s a dancing show and you can see the dance formations well from up there.

I could work on my shopping cart but I’m just at that breaking point where rest is important or I’ll get sick. The shopping cart I started in June (dang) and one day more will not be a big dent in the already-huge delay.

Knitting or the Lack Thereof

I didn’t knit enough Thursday. I did work on the red tie… and once more made some purls where I was not supposed to put purls. Not a fun project, friends. It’s growing nicely but I’ll have to run down a column at a time to fix about 16 mis-purled stitches. I am already eager to be done with this project!!! It will happen in time, though, and I know that.

I also knit a little on the brainless sock, so that I could do a bit of relaxing. I realize that I started sock #2 on a different number of stitches (toe up… 6 rather than 8 stitches) than the first. I decided I’m going to practice not worrying. My feet will not notice the difference. These are not for a pattern, publicity or anything. I tell students all the time that knitting stretches and forgives small errors. Since I’m making things up as I go I don’t take notes and sometimes I get it wrong. Two stitches. I’ll get over it.

Knitting Plans

I really feel I need a one-day project I can fly through or at least complete Friday. I need completion, success. Maybe bulky wristwarmers, or maybe I’ll try to finish my stole that I finally found (and would love to wear at our performance Sunday). Then I can go back and fix the red tie.

Immediate Action

Now it’s time to sleep. Then I’ll get up slowly, take a bubble bath, and meet Sharon P for lunch and some knitting on the east side. The Better Health grocery store has a deli with a good organic salad bar and I’m planning to enjoy not cooking lunch Friday!

For now, sleep is the best gift I can give myself. I *do* get eight hours of sleep almost every night, sometimes even more. That is one big gift of my current lifestyle. I spent decades not sleeping enough. One friend says she has to “hit the feathers” when she goes to bed. I don’t have feathers but I think that’s a pleasant image. It reminds me of the John Denver song “Grandma’s Feather Bed” from the 1970s.

And with that, I’ll go get horizontal and make ZZZZs…