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Archive for October 22nd, 2006

I knew it all along.

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

fabheftonesban-joes.jpgI spent my childhood singing into the mirror. Practicing for when I’d be grown up and singing as my job.

I was right. I love it. The gig Sunday in Warren, Michigan, was wonderful. We’re talking a banquet room full of people listening to every word. Knowing that a really good dinner was coming soon but temporarily forgetting it and singing along with us, totally in the moment.

greenshawlandhair.jpgSinging for people who want to listen, is the best fun I can think of right now. I definitely was right when I was a kid. This is the best. And doing it with the man I adore and who loves me back… well, I never imagined life could be this great. It’s not great every second but when we’re on stage, time stops and I experience bits of heaven right there.

For the knitters who tune in here regularly… I did finally finish the light turquoise/hot green stole I started nearly 2 years ago, and I wore it for the performance. I mean, I bound it off in the green room backstage. Sometime between the sound check and showtime. Yes, I have been called obsessed before. Remember, I wanted to wear it *last* Friday at Magdalenas… so I was really intent on finishing this one and wearing it.

The stole is beautiful, perfect. It stayed on my shoulders and looked magnificent from a distance. The hallways in the building were lined with mirrors and I kept giving in to the instinct to look at myself wearing my handiwork. Yup, worth picking it up again after all that time. Love it.

It was a long day. We were gone more than 12 hours. It was worth every second.