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Archive for November 10th, 2006

A Good Day

Friday, November 10th, 2006

A Family Celebration

We spent Friday on the road. We went to a 50th anniversary celebration in Grand Rapids, for Brian’s aunt and uncle. It took us a while to find the right church but we got there in time for several folks to feed Brian a heaping plate of hearty, homemade food. Then Uncle George asked us to bring out the instruments so we did maybe a half hour of music for the group that remained. I have never seen George smile so much, he really loved that!

While we were looking for the family gathering, we peeked into St. Alphonsus church and I tried to take a photo. It is a magnificent space, I think it would be called Romanesque but I had exactly 3 days of art history so I may have that wrong. I was very disappointed that my camera battery had somehow gone totally dead. This battery lasts days and days, so somehow I must have jammed it into my purse in a way that kept pressing the “on” button. Pout. Trust me… magnificent.

Grand Rapids is a pretty city. It’s bigger than Lansing, and it has more hills, and a river and some creeks working their way through the landscape. I always enjoy driving around town. Even the older parts of town that are a bit ragged now, have homes that were beautifully designed. There are a lot of Victorian homes that are painted in all sorts of color combinations, some in good shape and some not… I liked them all.

We hung out with Brian’s parents for a while after the party. Brian and his dad talked about musical instruments, particularly the Heftone Basses that Dad’s currently working on. Mom and I talked about quilting and knitting. I don’t quilt but seeing quilts and ideas for quilts, color combinations and the like, really interests me a lot. It was fun.

A Concert in Charlotte

We came home for just a split second, or so it seemed. Then we headed out to the Charlotte public library. Our friend Alisa and her string trio (she, Joseph and Brandon) performed a chamber music concert there, free of charge. What a deal!

It turns out we knew a handful of folks there. Carol from Spinners Flock (who is also a poet) was there sporting an incredible knitted/beaded shawl. Wally and Adrian and Steve and Ann and (drat, lost his name already) a gentleman who we met at Magdalena’s Teahouse. I didn’t ask Carol’s friend’s name, she is also a knitter and she had seen my self-portrait somewhere or another. There was one more gentleman there who I had seen before but I did not have a chance to ask why I recognized him.

With all the time in the car, I got a lot of knitting done on my black/rainbow shawl. I had planned to work on the pattern in the car, but somehow my gizmo for plugging it in to the cigarette lighter did not perform properly and my laptop battery has all of 10 minutes to give me before quitting. So knit, I did. I’m glad for the time. I’m over halfway done on it and have only knit the cast-on row of 120 stitches at home. The rest I’ve knit at Foster Center’s computer lab time and in the car. I’m pleased with the progress. The fabric is looking nice… a bit dressy but not over-glitzy.

Cold and Wet and Rainy: Ugly Weather

The weather here is cold and wet, we hit a big bit of rain on the final trip home from Charlotte. I just can’t seem to get warm. I’m wishing for an electric blanket or mattress pad right about now! I think I’ll wrap up in my Ethiopian Gahbi (dense and fluffy cotton blanket) and sit right on top of the heat vent!