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Archive for November 15th, 2006

Three Sorts of Days Off

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

It is funny… just when I think I’ll never have a day off again, I start hearing about days off in more than one place… and then I get an evening off unexpectedly.

Sharon P. told me recently that she thinks that a three day weekend would be perfect… one day for errands and housework, one for relaxing, and one for entertainment/socializing. She likes to go to dance weekends and has a great time but that’s not resting, for example. Her comment got me thinking…

So then I go to Chelle’s blog, “Hanging by a Thin Thread.” She says:

I have a personal theory that there are three types of weekends: 1) the kind where you relax and recharge; 2) the kind that are fun and stimulating but busy; 3) the kind where you work around the house doing serious cleaning or working on a household project.

Do I hear an echo in here?

No wonder when I get only one day off and I spend it cooking food for the rest of the week, I feel like I did not really have a day off. There is none of the resting or the socializing in a day like that.

Tuesday night I thought I would have help with my yarn business but my helper had to cancel. After the early alarm clock and performances, I was somewhat relieved to not be so over-scheduled for one day.

However, I instantly went into “errand running mode.” I got groceries and kitchen utensils at Meijer, a huge multi-merchandise store. Then I went and got some specialized produce at the health food store. I popped in to the Goodwill resale shop and found some nice wool items. I ran to the post office.

Then since I was on the east side near where we dance, I decided to get some good coffee and take it to Yasmina Amal. She was teaching (until 9pm) after getting up so early that she essentially did not get any sleep at all. The coffee was, predictably, appreciated. It was so easy to do it for her, it seemed the only thing to do. She’s even more of a night person than I am. I can not sleep before 1am no matter how I try, and she’s a few hours behind me. Yup, coffee was the ticket.

I keep promising myself I’ll crawl into bed under the covers with a book or knitting or even a telephone to call a friend. So far, I put away the groceries, started a dinner in the crockpot, checked email, and am looking through cookbooks trying to figure out what else I might make in the second crockpot on slow, overnight, and what I might bake so I can freeze it for later.

I like to make granola bars or other freezer-friendly snacks so that I can carry them with me in my purse. Sometimes that is the difference between eating nothing and at least getting a little fuel to get through for a few more hours. If I don’t bake things like this (barley brownies, oat granola bars, teff muffins, kamut pumpkin bread… all very tasty and not at all compromises from “normal” wheat versions) then I regret it later when there is no time for baking.

But it’s only 8:30, not even dinnertime for us on a regular day. There is still time to put in a crockpot meal, put one or two somethings in the oven, eat dinner and then actually rest.

I guess it’s time to go back to that kitchen. (Good thing that my normal life is pretty energetic and stimulating without needing a day off to accomplish it.)

Rest. Yeah, day of rest. It sounds soooo nice.