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Archive for November 16th, 2006

Flying from One Place to the Next

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

I have been away from my computer a lot the last few days. There is so much to do I am working on crossing off “to do” items from my list. I’ve delivered patterns to two shops, am working on a new wrap pattern (will visit Diana Friday to try and finalize that one), had two days where I danced (one public and one rehearsal/class), taught starting at 11am and ending around 8:30pm on Thursday.

In addition, I am working on learning about new foods and cooking/baking alternatives to the foods which I’ve been eating a lot in the last few years. Yesterday we ate baked plantain, which I enjoyed. Today we tried a “salad” of thinly-sliced fennel bulb (related to celery but smoother texture and a bit of anise flavor). This morning I made yet another version of Teff muffins without eggs, and they were relatively good. I’ll get it better given a little time.

Tonight I made tapioca pudding to eat tomorrow, and I expect to make some drop biscuits with spelt flour tomorrow morning. I may make a cornbread-like pan bread for lunch, with either buckwheat or rye. It is quite an adventure. I guess some people do this all the time for entertainment. I do find it interesting but I wish I had someone else doing the cooking/baking and I could just taste it when it was finished!

As I told Rae today when we were chatting after class, it has been for me about growing up and doing what is good for me. Even if I don’t like it. I told a young lady just yesterday about how sometimes we just have to do things we don’t want to do… and as unwanted things go, interesting new foods are a really decent end result.

Knitting? Oh, man! I was doing so well there finishing things for a while. I’ll get back to that, I have so many fine items in my stash either started or not. I do have a wrap (a store sample for the almost-done new pattern) nearly finished and I hope to finish that tomorrow when I’m with Diana.

Yesterday I bought some fat yarn from Rae to make myself some fat socks (aran weight, 4.5st/in if it were for a sweater). Then I went to Threadbear and Rob had me try on a sweater in a reeeeeally soft merino yarn I liked. So I bought some balls of that and instantly cast on for legwarmers.

The yarn I got for socks is sitting helplessly in my purse waiting for me to notice. But the legwarmers! Yum. I’ve knit about 6″ on those, so far so good. The colorway is sort of grays to soft turquoise then back to gray. Slowly changing stripes, and since it’s meant for sweaters the stripes go a long while before changing color. Very nice so far.

Fortunately for me, I have had one class finish up today and another will finish next week. That often means I knit a sample pair to demo. In the case of tonight’s class (which finishes next week) I have a sock and a half done, and that will be great.

I also found a *run* in the ball of the foot of my handknit sock today. I forgot to take photos of it before I repaired it but I spent some happy time darning the sock. Now I have a pair back the day I lost them. Very good! I have a lot of socks to darn but they are in my bag to carry around in case I have some waiting time. Maybe I’ll fix a few more that way. If I can distract myself from the legwarmers, that is!

susansfirstfootie.jpgI let Brian use my camera the last few days so I don’t have the photo of Linda’s first (well-fitting, toe-up) sock. It’s really pretty and she did a great job. She was pleased as punch.

Last weekend, Susan finished her first sock in a First-Time Toe-Up sock class at Little Red Schoolhouse. She determined that she wanted her first to be a tiny socklet, an ornament or decoration. It’s knit in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, a wonderful yarn. Here is a photo of it before she did a short cuff and bind off.

Well, I’m falling asleep at the keyboard so I had better give it up for the night. You may not hear from me Friday, as I’ll be with Diana all day working on that pattern. We’ll have fun even though it is primarily a work day. See you soon!