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Archive for November 17th, 2006

A Day with Diana

Friday, November 17th, 2006

Diana is my brother Eric’s wife (I don’t like the label “Sister in Law” because it can mean two things and focuses on law rather than relationship). She has become a good friend. Not only does she love my brother (who is my best friend in the world), she and I have many things in common. She’s a very creative woman.

Diana was the model in the Goddess version of my Perfect Hug Shawl pattern. Not only the model, but the test knitter for that very shawl, and the Sassy Summer Handbag. She’s testing my new wrap pattern this week. When she’s not testing patterns for me she’s often knitting samples of previous patterns, for the shops where I teach/sell patterns.

dianacurrants2sm.jpgDiana is not only talented at handwork but she also knows a lot about cooking and edible plants. (She was quite the naturegirl at one time, doing wilderness camping with only a knife and a tarp as gear, as well as mountain climbing during the two years she lived in Japan.) She is my first source of information when I want to know about this or that herb. She once did a lot of gardening, and still takes a lot of beautiful photos of plants and flowers in her yard (see currants and vervain here).

She’s also a writer. She’s very helpful to me when I am struggling to find a good way to explain things in my patterns. I really appreciate her thoughtful attention to my questions on wording.

This week Diana sent Eric on a trip up north to be with her father. Eric has not had a vacation of any sort, for more than a few hours, in years. She knew it was time for him to get away and she made it possible. Eric and Diana’s dad get along really well, and last I heard her dad was already cooking for Eric’s arrival before Eric even left the house. They will have a good time! (This friendship/caring is cool enough, but since Eric and I lost our dad in 1973 it’s double-wonderful they can enjoy each other this way.)

dianavervain.jpgSo weeks ago I made a date to go see Diana today. It will be a girl’s day in, so to speak, but we’ll be working on this wrap pattern for at least part of the time. Since both of us tend to talk about knitting more than any other subject, we will find the work to be as pleasant as the play.

I’m trying to get my act together to get on the road as soon as possible. I want as much time as I can get with my friend. Diana loves Altu’s food so I’ll be stopping by the restaurant on the way out of town (they live 1.25hr from here) and getting her a special lunch.

I’m also taking her some pumpkin butter spread and a spelt biscuit or two from my breakfast, they turned out REALLY good. Gourmet, as Brian would say! (The soy-milk tapioca pudding, made without any coconut milk, never set up. That was a disappointing loss… but Brian had some anyway, bless his heart. Not sure what I’ll do with it other than pour it down the drain…)

All I want to do is knit legwarmers. Instead I’m going to save that for later and get on the road.

Off to see my friend…

Happy Birth-Day to the Dutchicans

Friday, November 17th, 2006

Our friend Kristi (RedDogKnits) and her husband Noel are expecting their boys to be born today. I wish all good to envelop the family as they start their important journey together. Two boys will be in neonatal ICU at first, this is to be expected though all signs say they are doing very well for 32 weeks. The parents will sadly say goodbye to little Eli as well.

Whatever your belief system, do send good energy toward our friends in Lansing today. I imagine they will feel every emotion available to a human in the next 24 hours.

They are no doubt drowning in packages stuffed with handknits for the boys! All those stitches show love, and they really understand that.

Hugs and all best to the Dutchican (Dutch and Mexican, they made it up) family today.